Wanna Attend All My Classes for a Year?

Live Class Season Pass

When I introduced my Live Class Season Pass, buyers got access to my entire new Mastering series for 2018.

I wasn’t sure how buyers would react to the new class lineup – these classes are tough. They’re 3 days of alternating between deep lectures and challenging labs.

You get hands-on access to a beefy SQL Server 2017 VM in the cloud, with a series of live workloads running against the Stack Overflow database.

The reviews have been great!

Mastering Index Tuning reviews

“Excellent class, the ratio explanation to labs worked really well for me. Expectations were high and got met.”

“Excellent class! I used to be scared of interpreting execution plans, but after this class I feel much more confident. Brent is an AWESOME teacher, and his enthusiasm for SQL Server and performance tuning are inspiring!” – Marie McAndrews

“As always Brent exceeded expectations! He has the ability to review the material to make it stick and the demos and labs worked great together. A natural born teacher who has mastered his craft; I highly recommend his training courses; webinars and conference talks. Although I knew enough to get by with index tuning and of course SentyOne plan explorer has index analysis that is great for finding the right index, the material the Brent covered made so much sense and cleared up a lot of the finer points of parsing execution plans that I learned many new tricks. He also takes the time to answer any questions. Take his courses, you won’t be disappointed!!” – Becky Harter

“Fantastic class. Brent is constantly refining his teaching skills to make complex topics understandable. If you want to learn what an index does, go watch How to Think Like the Engine. If you’re ready for the next step, index tuning, take this class.” – Tim Cockerham

Mastering Query Tuning reviews

“This class was a thorough reminder of how skilled Brent Ozar and Erik Darling are at query tuning and how much more I have to learn. The structure of the course was unique and wonderful in that the labs were realistic representations (not AdventureWorks) of many of the same problems that we fight in production every day – with not necessarily one “right answer” to the problem. It was also very cool to see the presenters go off-script and adapt their query tuning approach on the fly. This class is training that is well worth the time.” – Bryan Rebok

“This class gave me a giant toolkit for improving query performance. I found holes in my current process as well. I look forward to finding bad queries now because I can make them so much better. I highly recommend you take this course if you have queries that need to be tuned. You won’t be disappointed or bored while the Brent Ozar team provides a fun but very intense class.” – Kevin Kelso

“Mastering Query Tuning is another fantastic training offering from Brent Ozar Unlimited. Brent and Erik did a fantastic (and entertaining) job of presenting the material and associated triage and tuning methods. The interactive discussion in Slack was very beneficial. The well planned course labs allow attendees to experience, triage, and improve on all of the issues present in the demo database. After spending hours with the lab environment I feel confident that I can diagnose and solve (or at least improve) any of the issues in our production environment.” – Todd Nelson

Mastering Server Tuning reviews

“As with all of Brent’s classes – fantastic. So much great information is presented and the hands-on portion reinforces the concepts.” – Alan O’Neal

“Great mix of lecture and hands-on lab plus the use of the SLACK website for real time communication was amazingly helpful. I always learn a lot from Brent’s classes and the convenience of doing this on-line is perfect when our budget is limited.” – Lori Fry

“Brent has the rare qualities of being knowledgeable, understandable and fun all at the same time. The exercises are well-designed. Plus there is a good balance between instruction and hands-on learning. I highly recommend this course as well as the “Mastering Index Tuning” and “Mastering Query Tuning” courses.” – David Hicks

So what am I changing?

Before, when you bought the Live Class Season Pass, it stuck within one calendar year, like 2018. I designed it that way because I thought I might tweak the lineup for 2019.

The verdict is in, though: y’all love the classes, so I’m keeping the same lineup – just adding more material and continuing to change up the labs over time.

So now, when you buy the Live Class Season Pass, it’s good for one year from the day you buy it. That means if you buy now, you get access to the class through mid-2019. I’ve added new class dates going through May 2019. You can buy with confidence today, and have fun with me over and over through the next year. It’s been so much fun seeing the same students again and again, taking classes over to see if they can do a better job on the lab challenges the next time around. (Plus, we’re giving this out retroactively too – anyone who already bought the Live Class Season Pass after Jan 1st gets a full year of access too, not just the 2018 class dates.)

To celebrate, it’s on sale for $3,995 through the end of June (down from $5,995). If you want to pay via purchase order or check, just choose that option during check-out. As long as we get your payment before the end of June, you’re in.

See you in class – there’s still time to join the 26 other folks in Monday’s Mastering Index Tuning.

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