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What is Batch Requests/sec?

Load Testing, Monitoring
When I first look at a server, I want to know how busy it is, where its bottlenecks are, what is SQL Server waiting on and many other things. Batch Requests/sec is one of the data points that is used to measure how busy a server is. WHAT IS BATCH REQUESTS/SEC? Batch Requests/sec is a performance counter…
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Thanks, Google

I usually can count on Google to figure out what I want to search for, even if there’s typos in my search. But sometimes Google just doesn’t get it right. I’m not Brent Ozar. I can’t afford a Rolex! Do you have any searches that Google or Bing didn’t get right and made you laugh? Drop…
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Tara Kizer

Asynchronous Database Mirroring vs. Asynchronous Availability Groups

When Database Mirroring came out in SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 1, we quickly dropped Log Shipping as our Disaster Recovery solution. Log Shipping is a good feature, but I can failover with Asynchronous Database Mirroring faster than I can with Log Shipping. When Always On Availability Groups (AG) came out in SQL Server 2012,…
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How To Fix Forwarded Records

Some of our clients have very high forwarded record counts and aren’t aware of it until they run sp_BlitzFirst and get an alert about high Forwarded Records per Second. Some of these clients are using Ola Hallengren‘s IndexOptimize stored procedure to maintain their indexes. This brought up a question of whether or not rebuilding a…
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Tara Kizer

Spring Cleaning Your Databases

Index Maintenance, SQL Server
Even with lots of monitoring in place, we should perform periodic checks of our SQL Servers. Think of this like “Spring Cleaning”, except I would recommend that it be more frequently than just once a year. Doing it monthly might be a bit ambitious due to our busy schedules, but quarterly could be achievable. Below are…
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Tara Kizer

What TRY/CATCH Doesn’t Handle

SQL Server, T-SQL
We were once asked in class what TRY/CATCH doesn’t handle besides object existence errors. It’s well documented in Books Online (BOL). If you’re like me, then tl;dr. Are we even calling it Books Online these days? I still say “bookmark lookup” instead of “key lookup”. I suppose I’ll be saying Books Online for quite some…
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Stored Procedure Cached Time vs SQL Statement Cached Time

SQL Server
I recently ran into a performance problem that had me scratching my head. How could a stored procedure’s plan have changed, and yet it not be reflected in sys.dm_exec_procedure_stats? So here’s what happened and what I knew: 7:45am: Users were complaining that a page was timing out 8:00am: Developer emailed the offending stored procedure and input parameter…
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When Shrinking Tempdb Just Won’t Shrink

SQL Server, TempDB
I am not a proponent of shrinking databases, but sometimes you have to because your momma said to. Sometimes that database is tempdb. It used to be that we were warned against shrinking tempdb because it could cause corruption, so your only recourse was to restart the SQL Server service. Paul Randal let us know…
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