Tara Kizer

Asynchronous Database Mirroring vs. Asynchronous Availability Groups

When Database Mirroring came out in SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 1, we quickly dropped Log Shipping as our Disaster Recovery solution. Log Shipping is a good feature, but I can failover with Asynchronous Database Mirroring faster than I can with Log Shipping. When Always On Availability Groups (AG) came out in SQL Server 2012,…
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Failing over an Asynchronous Mirror in SQL Server (video)

Database Mirroring
Will a long running open transaction block you from changing to synchronous mode and failing over to your SQL Server database mirror? Join Kendra to test performing a planned failover from an asynchronous database mirror. Brent Says: Often, when I’m working with developers, they’re totally surprised that SQL Server’s failover methods all break in-flight transactions. No matter…
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What Amazon RDS for SQL Server Users Need to Know about Multi-AZ Mirroring

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) now supports multi-availability-zone SQL Servers. This means you can have a primary database in one data center, and a secondary replica in another data center. Those Portland folks were always a little bit backwards anyway. When your primary server goes down, OR when the entire AZ goes down, you can fail…
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Mirrors aren’t backups

Are you using any of these technologies as a method of database protection? Database mirroring (keeping two database servers synchronized with the same data via SQL 2005/2008) Replication (copying records between databases) Log shipping (copying log files to another server and restoring them immediately) SAN-based mirroring (storing two copies of your database on two different…
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