Announcing the Office Hours Podcast (And 78% Off Videos)

SQL Server

Every Wednesday, we get together on a live webcast to take your questions. (We don’t actually give answers, we just admire the questions.) Hundreds of folks attend every week to hear us flail about.

People kept emailing in saying, “I really wanna attend Office Hours, but I’m working/asleep/drunk. Can you turn it into a podcast so I can download it and play it on the way to church/home/therapy?”

Office Hours ArtworkYou got it:

And if you rate us on iTunes before January 31, 2016, we’ll give you a coupon for 78% off any of our online courses. (Why 78? Because we record the show masters on 78 rpm vinyl. We’re hipster like that.)

Here’s how to rate us and claim your 78% off coupon. Enjoy the podcast!

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  • Thank You very much !

    Can’t wait to download them…

  • This is sooooooo confusing. Why have you limited it to those whom are either working, asleep or drunk? What about those of us in a lotus pose contemplating our navel. Sure, we plan on putting back a few later on, but not until we start to watch all of the Star Wars movies.

  • I Love Office Hours, sharing some time with you guys and watching you flail :0)
    It is always fun and wild… and even occassionally helpful

    I just hope that being recorded doesn’t spoil the magic (Erik – why so serious?)

    Best wishes for 2016 (the New Year and the latest release!)


  • Why on earth, cannot we get this without having to use iTunes.
    Seriously.. iTunes?

    • Are you talking about the podcast, or the discount?

      If you want the discount, that ship sailed back in January.

      If you want the podcast, you can use just about any podcast-capable app to listen.



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