Brent Ozar, Director of Neurosurgery

I make Microsoft SQL Server go faster. I love teaching, travel, and laughing. I live in Iceland with my wife Erika. He/him.

I love pushing SQL Server past the speed limit and showing other people how to drive it faster. I enjoy translating between programmers, sysadmins, SAN admins, and project managers. We find the root of the problem quickly, together, and get everyone working towards the same solutions.

Brent_Ozar_Red_GorillaFor the best conversation in your life, ask me about:

  • Microsoft SQL Server performance tuning
  • SQL Server in the cloud – particularly Google Compute Engine and AWS EC2 and RDS
  • Making kCura Relativity faster
  • Storage and SANs
  • Server hardware
  • How Tim Gunn can make it work

Check out my resume – as long as you aren’t an FBI agent.

When I’m not flying the Brent Ozar Unlimited private jet, you’ll find me in Iceland with my wife Erika. You’ll also find me at conferences such as SQLBits and SQLSaturdays.

Contact me for restaurant recommendations, or I guess I could help with your database, too.

Some of my favorite past works:

My online training classes include:

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