Meet the hospital staff

We can’t reiterate enough that no one at Brent Ozar Unlimited® has a medical degree. It’s just a fun analogy, folks. Number of medical degrees: 0. Number of Star Wars action figures: 12.

Brent Ozar Bio PicBrent Ozar

Specialties: performance tuning, SAN storage, VMware, kCura Relativity

Off duty: foodie restaurants, travel, bad pop music

Brent’s Bio

Erik-Darling-ContactErik Darling

Specialties: VLDB environment optimization, query and index tuning, automation

Off duty: convincing strangers the milky way is a dev cluster

Erik’s Bio

Richie_Rump_Team_HeadshotRichie Rump

Specialties: data architecture, performance tuning, app/data interaction

Off duty: recording podcasts, assembling Lego, playing versions of Zelda older than you

Richie’s Bio

Tara KizerTara Kizer

Specialties: performance tuning, refactoring code and High Availability solutions

Off duty: hiking, camping, running, Heavy Metal music

Tara’s Bio

Want the drama of Grey’s Anatomy combined with encyclopedic SQL knowledge?
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