Backup and Recovery

Mirrors aren’t backups

Are you using any of these technologies as a method of database protection? Database mirroring (keeping two database servers synchronized with the same data via SQL 2005/2008) Replication (copying records between databases) Log shipping (copying log files to another server and restoring them immediately) SAN-based mirroring (storing two copies of your database on two different…
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Microsoft DPM 2007 review

I spent some time last week digging into Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2007, Microsoft’s solution for SQL Server backups, and I’m going to share some of my findings here with you, dear reader. “But You Work For Quest Software! You can’t write a Microsoft DPM review!” Yeah, disclaimer time – I work for the people…
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SQL Backup Software: Part 4 – Features Still Missing

In this issue of my multi-part series about SQL Server backup compression software, I’m going to talk about some features that database administrators might find useful, but don’t yet exist in the current generation of backup software. In-Depth Backup & Restore Progress Monitoring On multi-terabyte data warehouses – especially those running new backup compression software…
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