I’m Coming to Boston for SQLSaturday!

I’m coming back to Boston for SQLSaturday this October 14th!

On Friday the 13th (muhaha), before the event, I’m teaching a one-day pre-conference workshop on Mastering Query Tuning.

Mastering Query Tuning

You need to speed up a SQL Server app, and you’re allowed to change the queries and indexes – but not the server hardware or settings. Good news – I’ll teach you how in a day of learning and fun. Join me, Brent Ozar, as I explain how to make your SQL Server apps go faster.

We’ll cover:

  • How SQL Server builds query plans
  • How to choose between CTEs, temp tables, and APPLY
  • How to tune for SELECT * and lots of rows
  • How to write dynamic SQL that scales
  • How to avoid pitfalls like deadlocks and bad batching

Save $50 on early bird registration now. The class will be held at the Microsoft Technology Center at 5 Wayside Road, Burlington MA 01803. Seating is limited to 114 folks. I will be there in person, and it will not be recorded or broadcast online.

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