[Video] Office Hours Speed Round: SQL Server Q&A


You posted questions at https://pollgab.com/room/brento and I picked the fastest ones to answer:

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 00:16 Disgruntled App Developer: Hi Brent a friend was recently reprimanded for running a trace in production. The rationale was perf impact and other ‘potential issues’ that weren’t forthcoming. Any thoughts on why traces have an impact on perf, when that impact becomes a problem and any other potential issues?
  • 00:59 Krishna: What are the top issues you see with SQL Filestream?
  • 01:48 Dwight: Hi Brent, any recommendations for where / where not to place masterdb?
  • 02:09 StatisticsRules: Hola Companero! When running SQL Server on SSDs can I completely disregard fragmentation and literally never run index rebuilds if I update statistics continually (daily)? I’ve inherited DBs that have tables with 99% fragmentation, gut feeling is a bit queezy… need guidance.
  • 02:25 Isaac Wahnon: Have you had experience with SQL installations on Nutanix virtualization? Especially high end systems, in your opinion is there an upper limit for SQL in a virtual environment?
  • 03:27 Lucas: Hi Brent, what are your thoughts on the Microsoft Defender for SQL offering?
  • 03:40 All_Alone: Hey Brent, Are DBA’s still using Log shipping delay to protect against “oops” deletes? Are there any new developer specific tools that prevent “oops” deletes, so that one doesn’t need a log shipping delay Server for that reason alone?
  • 04:33 James: Hi Brent, is there any commercial training available for sp_HumanEvents?
  • 04:55 Frito Bandito: Hi Brent, do you know of a good way to overcome the TSQL batch size limit of 65,536 bytes? Trying to update several columns in a single record but wary of hitting the batch size limit.
  • 05:20 Louie De Palma: Is SQL in place upgrade (2016 to 2019) acceptable / low risk if the server is virtual and has a snapshot backup of all the DBs?
  • 06:02 Neil: Learned a lot from fundamentals classes and then just now fixing a CPU performance problem in Prod. Dev made a log table with no indexes. So I added a clustered index on the id column in Prod. But now I’m thinking I should tell dev to add a primary key to the id column instead?
  • 06:37 Rick: Hi Brent, what are the top SQL Server NUMA related issues you run into with clients?
  • 07:29 i_use_lowercase_for_select: Hi Brent, hope you’re feeling better already. I was wondering what the title of the happy tune is you play while letting us do our lab work during your training classes.
  • 08:30 Ferris B: When you were a DBA, did you keep any kind of journal / documentation to show management that you are actually doing work despite a smooth running system?
  • 09:50 The last Bothan: What is the oldest SQL server version you have parachuted in and worked on?
  • 10:25 Gizem: Any possibility of including sp_PressureDetector and sp_HumanEvents in future versions of the first responder kit?
  • 11:06 Malik: Hi Brent, what are your thoughts about Query Store being enabled by default in SQL Server 2022? Is this safe?
  • 12:28 Malik: Hi Brent, what is your opinion of the new SQL Server ledger functionality in SQL Server 2022?
  • 13:22 BehindTheScenesDBA: Hello Brent, Any plan to present the Cluster/AlwaysON training with Edwin this year or in the near future?
  • 13:52 Özlem: Should new new non-clustered indexes be created during business hours or strictly after hours? Any risks here?
  • 14:46 Tu?rul: Does the SQL Server 5k (approximate) row lock escalation mechanism use estimated number of locked rows or actual number of locked rows to make the escalation decision?
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