[Video] Office Hours Manhattan Edition: Ask Me Anything About SQL Server


I sat down on the edge of Brooklyn, overlooking the Manhattan skyline, to take your highest-voted questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento.

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 00:42 Dylan: Do you have any experience with sys.dm_db_tuning_recommendations? To be clear, I am not referring to Azure SQL or Automatic Index Tuning, but rather Query Store Forcing/Unforcing plans automatically. Even if not set to automatic, have you seen clients manually utilize this data?
  • 02:27 Borninthematrix: Hi Brent, we frequently get deadlock on thread errors as opposed to on a specific resource. I can use sp-blitzlock to pull out the query plan, but do you have any tips on how we can pin point the specific part of the query plan that encountered the deadlock on thread error?
  • 03:26 Stranger: Is data warehouse design a DBA skill? Or is it a BI expert skill? 04:31 Stuart: I need to delete millions of rows using a criteria with a join, so I can’t use the CTE/view technique. What do I do?
  • 05:49 DrDrakken: Hi Brent! My friend has a query that consists of several subqueries and takes some minutes to execute. There is multiple usage of getdate() in the where clauses. Does this mean that not all where clauses will use the exact same time? And would it be better do use a variable?
  • 06:38 Accidental DBA: Hi Brent, what is the setting we need to enable in SQL 2019 to see the actual query plan in sp_blitzwho?
  • 07:22 DBA Champion: Hi Brent! Is there a way to see, who upvoted or downvoted my posts on dba.stackexchange.com ? Recent backup of dba.stackexchange.com, is it downloadable somewhere ?
  • 09:12 camaro322hp: Hi Brent. My friend is loading MSSQL tables from Oracle tables with over 100 million records. What’s a good way to determine which records have changed since the last pull? The source data does not have a last update date field and any records can change at any time.
  • 10:04 BorisDB: Hey Brent, what’s the best way to migrate just the SQL schema?
  • 10:50 Stuart: Hi Bent! Totally off topic this but myself and some coworkers were having a wager as to what floor your apartment is on, based on the view from your camera during your recent session intermissions. Most popular is 28 – are we close?!
  • 11:07 Ron: Hello Brent. I see you have a DBATools database. What do YOU keep in there?
  • 12:04 That’s all folks: Hi Brent, our system engineers are considering setting up a single big storage bay with tiering enabled to host all of our VMs (including sql servers). What’s your thought on that given we have ~50 vms and ~100 DBs and high concurrency (reads) 1 week per month “only”?
  • 13:19 Accidental DBA: Hi Brent, do you have any thoughts on using SQL CLR to perform cache invalidation using SQL triggers?
  • 14:10 Wrap-up
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