[Video] Office Hours Speed Round: Quick Answers

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Think fast! Not all of the questions at https://pollgab.com/room/brento have long-winded answers. In this 5-minute session, I crank through a bunch of straightforward questions:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 00:32 Mike: Hi Brent, the delete job is blocking for around 20 minutes our update or inserts calls from api which is expected to be completed with few seconds. How can we avoid it?
  • 01:01 Filip Holub: Hi Brant, Do you have any information about release new SQL Server version? Or your opinion?
  • 01:33 Mike: We have an ETL job which loads the data to a temp table table1_x, once the load is completed table_x is renamed to actual prod table table1. As the prod table is connected to multiple jobs it is unable to acquire lock which is needed to rename causing blocking. How do I avoid it?
  • 02:14 Jose: How do you debug Stored Procedures with Azure SQL Databases?
  • 02:38 Gustav Mulder: Hi Brent, have you ever worked with Apache Kafka to move data from a production db to another SQL instance running BI tools?
  • 03:00 JacksonvilleJohn: Hi Brent, what are some good use cases for the new last-writer-wins replication feature in SQL Server 2019? Can we now have tables synch across different geographic locations? Would that be better than an AAG for a DR site?
  • 03:48 Faruk Ami: Hi Brent, is there support for First Responder Kit stored procedures in Azure sql?
  • 04:25 Vengeful Flamingo: Hi Brent! What’s your experience with delayed durability and how would you approach deciding to enable it? It helped address WRITELOGs & ETL perf issues, even though the log is on flash & wasn’t overwhelmed.
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  • One thing that can slow down a delete is a Foreign Key Constraint. Imagine this, Large table references small table. No index on large table’s referencing column. You delete 1 row from small table, the engine must scan the large table to ensure no records are referencing the one you’re trying to delete.


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