[Video] Office Hours: Ask Me Anything at the Old Harbor in Reykjavik


On a very chilly morning, I went through your highly-upvoted questions from here and talked through ’em:

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 01:02 Johnny: Good morning, Brent! VARCHAR or NVARCHAR; which one to use in our Western world? One could say that disk space is cheap so it doesn’t matter. But with SQL Server’s 8 kB pages, these pages will go full much faster when using NVARCHAR. I’m excited to hear your thoughts. Thanks!
  • 02:24 volcano: Hello Brent, If i keep my compat level to 150, and enable legacy CE, how does SQL internally use latest SQL 2019 features like adaptive joins or memory feedback.
  • 04:03 PostgresCurious: My company mainly uses MSSQL and Azure SQL but is exploring Azure Database for PostgreSQL as lower cost alternative. What are the main “gotchas/rough edges” that developers and DBAs need to be aware of when switching to Postgres? Are there any advantages besides the lower cost?
  • 05:43 AlwaysLearningDBA: Thank you for taking time to answer our questions for free. Helping us save our face (by telling us to use “A friend of mine”), mimicking clippy and SQL Server voices is a great way to add fun to learning. I just can’t get clippy voice out of head now. LOL. Thank you, Brent.
  • 06:04 For My Friend: Migrating to Azure SQL Databases from OnPrem and experiencing huge performance hit (1s onprem vs 8s in Azure). If we add OPTION (HASH GROUP) in Azure it runs in 1.2s? How bad is it to use this query hint any suggestions? Thanks for everything you do!
  • 08:20 juggler314: I’ve read your post on instance stacking being not advisable. But if I’m limited to one OS install (licensing reasons). And performance is wildly over spec’d. Are there any downsides aside from the mentioned performance tuning issues? I can give each instance enough RAM/CPU/IO.
  • 11:14 SunburnedDBA: A friend of mine is trying to capture queries that bring PLE to 0. He’s tried Extended Events. Any suggestions?
  • 12:59 FutureDBA: Hi Brent, Love your videos. Thank you so much for sharing with the community we really appreciate your efforts! Question: Select Into or Insert into select from ? I Ran the stats 1st uses less time but 2nd one has less cpu/logical reads and scan count. Which one is better?
  • 14:47 Rob B: Hi Brent, my daughter recently took a trip to Iceland and told me that the locals are big into tomatoes – specifically tomato ice cream. I wondered if you’ve run into this / or if you’ve tried it.
  • 17:13 Steve: Hey Brent. Been a long time. I’m having a time trying to get developers to test well. Any advice.
  • 20:30 Mr. Griffith: Will we see you partner with a software vendor to design a SQL Server monitoring product? (Hint, hint.)
  • 21:47 MattC: Hi Brent. How did you find making the leap from TSQL to PostGres. How similar are the 2?
  • 23:05 BusyIsGood: When troubleshooting performance, you mention starting with top waits. Should I prioritize total wait times, or Avg ms Per Wait. Total suggests CPU, but Per Wait suggests Locking.
  • 24:47 Wrap-up
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