[Video] How to Think Like Clippy (Subtitle: Watch Brent Wear Another Costume)

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Remember Clippy, the Microsoft Office assistant from the late 1990s? He would pop up at the slightest provocation and offer to help you do something – usually completely unrelated to the task you were trying to accomplish.

Sadly, the Office team told Clippy that he didn’t make the stack rankings cut, so he relocated over to the SQL Server team. He knows better than to share his face in SSMS, but he toils away tirelessly suggesting indexes you should add. “Hey buddy! It looks like you’re querying the Users table by Reputation. Would you like help?”

In my Fundamentals of Index Tuning class, I explain how humans think about designing nonclustered indexes. After a few hours of the fundamentals, we switch gears and show how Clippy comes up with his column orders. Students are pretty disappointed at Clippy’s simplicity, but on the flip side, he gets these recommendations done in a millisecond – something you and I would be hard-pressed to pull off.

I decided Clippy deserved his own webcast, so this weekend, I let him take over my stream and defend himself. Enjoy!

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Here’s the demo script Clippy used in the session:

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