Fundamentals of Index TuningYou’re comfortable writing T-SQL queries, and now you want to make ’em faster – without changing the queries themselves.

In this one-day course, you’ll learn:

  • How to design indexes for a query without looking at its execution plan
  • How to pick the order of keys in an index
  • How query parameter values can change which index is better
  • Where to find index recommendations using query plans, DMVs, and sp_BlitzIndex
  • How SQL Server’s index recommendations are built, and why they’re often wrong

Note: this course does not cover columnstore, In-Memory OLTP, XML, or spatial indexes. (Nothing against those – they’re just beyond fundamentals.)

Read & watch the prerequisites module before the class. I can’t emphasize enough how important that is: if you don’t fully comprehend the stuff in there, you will be terribly behind during class. During this class, you’ll frequently hear me say, “To get this part, you need to think back to ___ from How to Think Like the Engine.”

If you want to test yourself with the exercises during class, get SQL Server 2008 or newer, and download the Stack Overflow database. I’ll be using the medium-sized 50GB StackOverflow2013 database, but if you’ve got a different one handy (either the smaller 10GB or larger 300+GB one), that’s fine too – the same concepts will still apply. If you’re on a slow desktop/laptop, feel free to use the small 10GB StackOverflow2010 database.

After this class, you’re ready for Mastering Index Tuning.