How Doug Lowing Gets the Most Out of His Live Class Season Pass

With my Live Class Season Pass, students have the ability to attend as many of my live online classes as they want for an entire year straight, plus they can view the instant replay recordings whenever they want.

Doug Lowing, one of the students, shared with me how he gets the most out of his:

  1. Probably the most important step… View the entire class before the live class. Do all the exercises. This is pre-learning. It is difficult to flip between video, exercise, locating files, reading sp_blitz output, and absorb new concepts. Prelearning introduces the pace, vocabulary, and concepts, preparing me to absorb it during live class.
  2. Participate in the live class and exercises. The live comments will fill gaps I missed the pre-learning
  3. Practice after the live class. At least 3 times go through all the videos and exercises.
  4. If desired, sign up for the live classes again and go through all the exercises. Do not comment in Slack, just read and listen and do the homework.

It’s a lot of work – but that’s why I’m such a believer in the Live Class Season Pass approach. When it comes to really hard topics like my Mastering Parameter Sniffing class, you’re going to get a lot of value by revisiting the material again each time that you’re facing parameter sniffing issues live in production.

Instead of scanning your cryptic handwritten notes from some short conference session you saw once six months ago, why not watch the exact relevant in-depth module again? You can pause my video as you work through the problems alongside me, and you can join in on live classes anytime to ask followup questions – like today’s How I Use the First Responder Kit class, broadcasting live now as we speak.

It works for Doug, and it’ll work for you. It’s on sale for just $995 this month. Why wait? Start learning right now! See you in class.

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