Finally, You Can Buy Brent Ozar Unlimited Swag.

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Brent Ozar Unlimited coffee mug and hatWhen I’m doing a webcast, the same question always comes up:

“Hey, how do I get one of those coffee mugs?”

We used to give ’em away during our in-person live training classes, but since I stopped doing those, we needed to come up with a plan B.

Now you can buy Brent Ozar Unlimited swag: mugs, shirts, stickers, and hoodies!

I’m not trying to make a buck on these: the pricing is literally set as low as Streamlabs will allow me to set it, hahaha, with zero money going to me. I’m only doing this so y’all can have as much fun with the logo as I do. You can read about the backstory of our logo here: it originally started out as something else, but of course, given our absurd luck, we picked the only logo that could get us thrown in war prison.

I’m really happy with the quality, too: the embroidery looks great.

Happy shopping!

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