[Video] “Actual” Execution Plans Lie for Branching Queries

Execution Plans

In which I show why you can’t trust “actual” execution plans for branching stored procedures, and you’re better off using sp_BlitzCache to figure out what branches you need to tune:

Demo code:

This is one of the reasons you won’t catch me using the “Edit Query Text” in query plans during this week’s Mastering Query Tuning class.

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  • Steve Malcolm
    July 27, 2018 11:29 am

    First, I’m impressed to learn that you do these videos in more than a single take.
    Second, I want to register my vote for more champagne fueled instruction sessions.

    • Steve – hahaha, thanks. Yeah, it’s really funny – sometimes, the videos work flawlessly on the first take, but some days, not so much. On that day, everything that could go wrong, kept going wrong, heh. Had one perfect take early on, and realized I’d forgotten to start the recording!

  • Thank you very much!


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