Announcing Monthly Training Subscriptions and Some Cool Perks.

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We’ve been selling training videos for a few years now, and we’ve figured out that we have two kinds of buyers:

  1. Price-sensitive short-term customers – who are often paying out of their own pocket because their company won’t pay, and they want to learn as much as they can in a short period of time
  2. Long-term enterprise-y customers – who submit their training via an expense report, and they just want all of our training, renewable every year
Jazz Hands as a Service

So to make things easier for everybody, we now offer 3 subscriptions:

  1. DBA $39/mo – with DBA Job Interview Q&A, HA/DR, hardware, storage, virtualization.
  2. Performance Subscription $49/mo – wait stats, indexing, query tuning, table statistics
  3. Enterprise (Annual) – all of the above at a 43% savings.

But because you’ve been around here a while, you know that we launch stuff with a sale – and this one’s a doozy.

Knock 50% off your subscription for life with coupon code Relaunch2017 in April. Not just your first subscription – but 50% off that subscription for the whole life of it! It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Pick your subscription now.

Existing owners are getting a pleasant surprise in their emails today: if your subscription included any DBA class, then you’ve been upgraded to the entire DBA subscription through the life of your membership. Same thing with performance classes. Time to bust open that browser and get to learnin’!

If you’d like to extend your subscription, you can buy an extension this month (or upgrade to the Everything Bundle) and the time will be added on to your existing subscription. Enjoy!

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  • Dmitriy Briskin
    April 4, 2017 9:47 am

    “Existing owners are getting a pleasant surprise in their emails today: if your subscription included any DBA class, then you’ve been upgraded to the entire DBA subscription through the life of your membership. Same thing with performance classes.”

    Not sure how to read this. Does that mean if I’ve taken a paid class before and am still within the 18 months window, my account gets the corresponding subscription until that window is over? If so – I’m not seeing this on my account (took your online Performance Tuning class last summer.)

  • This is great. Especially since I have to pay for it my self. Signing up for the performance one right now.

  • So, the 50% applies for the Enterprise as long as we keep paying it annually without lapsing? I assume that will be 50% off the current pricing at the time it renews, would that be correct?

    • Brian – brace yourself: it stays at the same price as today, as long as we offer that subscription (at any price) and you keep renewing.

      • That is brace worthy…I will talk to the boss, maybe it is small enough to get under the budget freeze radar!

  • Thank you Brent & Company for making this switch (and for the ridiculously generous coupon codes in the email). My company are unwilling to invest in staff, at all, so left to my own devices I can’t afford the big single purchases, but signing up for a subscription I can cover it with the same amount of money I spend on a netflix subscription. 🙂

    I look forward to binging on your content.

  • Daniel Thompson
    April 5, 2017 3:28 am

    Hi Brent, hope you’re keeping well? I attended the Perf. Tuning in Philly in Dec 2016. I was looking under My Account and I’ve an item called [Free Membership] with no expiry date (N/A). Can you explain what the free membership relates to? As others – loving your work – the subscription models. I too am having to self-finance this. Best Dan

    • Daniel – thanks! To see what’s in the free membership, click Training at the top of the site. From there you can watch your videos, too. The free part is How to Think Like the Engine and T-SQL Level Up.

      • Daniel Thompson
        April 5, 2017 6:30 am

        Brent – thanks for clarifying! So if I purchase an extension or the everything bundle – when will the subscription need to be renewed as I have DBA & Perf. Tuning training with different end dates (this year)? TIA D 🙂

        • There’s no Everything Bundle anymore, just an Enterprise Subscription that gets you 12 months of DBA & Perf. It’ll add 12 months onto each of those. If you have more questions after you buy, feel free to email us at – I wouldn’t want to ask you questions like “what’s your email address” here publicly. 😀

  • Hey Brent This is Great. But what if i cancel the subscription & again subscribe after few months. Will discount laps or it will remain forever?

  • Hi Brent. As far as the Enterprise (annual) subscription is concerned, is there a limit on the number of users that can access the training videos?

  • Hi Brent,

    I am a scuscriber of everiting bundle, my scuscribition will complete on 27th May 2017. I want to renew the subscribtion for two more months. If I renew in April, the scribition will add to my current subscribtion. Or can I renew in 2017 May using the special coupon code you provided.
    Please advise me the best way.
    Thanks inadvance,
    Sudeesh K B

    • KB – if you only want two months, your best bet is probably to wait until your subscription expires, and then only buy a DBA or a Performance subscription for those two months to get just the videos you haven’t finished yet.

  • Bhuvaneshwaran R
    April 7, 2017 10:48 am

    Hey Brent,

    Is this possible to cancel my monthly subscription at any time?

    • No, it is not possible to cancel. I will be withdrawing money from your bank account from the rest of your lives. Read the training agreement carefully, too, because the debt will also pass on to your children, and their children. In fact, you should probably just give me your house and your car now. That’s the way monthly subscriptions work.

      I’m kidding. There’s a cancel button and you can cancel whenever you want without talking to a human being.


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