The @DBAreactions Guide to Database Administration [Video]

SQL Server

Sometimes, the best stories are the horror stories. Join Brent as he talks about some of the worst situations he’s seen in his years of database administration. He’ll share the inspiration behind some of his favorite entries at We’ll either laugh or cry. Or both.

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  • Glad it’s not just me who fears opening old stored procedures.

    Worst moment I had was when some old TSQL of mine had been sold by an ex-employer after I left and it appeared on a completely unrelated company’s server I was babysitting for a bit. Threw me completely , but luckily it wasn’t the problem cause we were hunting.

  • Great video as always Brent, any way to get the url for gif images used on the video, they were so cool, lol

  • Hi Brent.
    good as always.
    Brent, i need to work on documentation, not used to this task but i have to do it. What do you recommend or what approach i should take when creating a documentation?
    Third party tool, SSRS? Please help.


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