Three Free Tools to Catch Killer Queries – Training Video

What’s slowing down production? It’s easy to find out in 60 seconds by running a simple plan cache query. See, in order to turn your beautifully written query into a set of results, SQL Server needs a plan – an execution plan. It caches these plans in memory along with statistics like the number of times a query has been run, how long it’s taking on average, and the execution plan itself. Whether you’re a junior DBA or a senior developer, you can use the three free tools covered in this video to find the culprit:

The links we discuss in the video are:

  • ClearTrace – a free utility to slice and dice your Profiler trace files
  • Plan cache check with sp_Blitz® – this replaces the plan cache query shown in the video. Use @CheckProcedureCache = 1 to achieve the same results.
  • sp_WhoIsActive – replacement for sp_who that actually shows you the queries and execution plans
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