We’re Presenting at the #SQLPASS Summit 2012!

All four of us – Brent, Jeremiah, Jes, and Kendra – got sessions approved for the PASS Summit in November!  Here’s what we’ll be covering:

Shazam! We’re speaking at the PASS Summit!

A Developer’s Guide to Dangerous Queries – Jeremiah Peschka

Jeremiah says: “SQL Server does a good job of working with whatever garbage we throw at it, but sometimes a helping hand is needed to smooth things out. You may have meant well when you wrote that sloppy SQL, but that predicate lurking under the surface is poisoning your performance. This talk will expose your worst habits, anti-patterns, and bad practices. By the time we’re done, your T-SQL will be on the path to make things right again. This talk will be therapeutic for anyone from a junior DBA or a senior developer.”

Diagnose T-SQL Performance Problems Fast with sp_Blitz® (Spotlight) – Brent Ozar

Brent says: “Every week, people tell me our sp_Blitz® helped them quickly figure out what’s dangerously wrong with a server.  I wanted to take it to the next level and start making complex performance troubleshooting easy, too.  I’m building the next major version of sp_Blitz® to analyze what queries have run recently on the server and help you find out why they’re slow.  At the PASS Summit, I’ll unveil this publicly for the first time and explain how it works.  I want to make you look like a genius – again!”

Real-Life SQL 2012 Availability Group Lessons Learned – Brent Ozar

Brent says: “SQL Server 2012’s new AlwaysOn features kick ass, and I’m deploying it in production for clients like StackOverflow.com, AllRecipes.com, and Discovery Education.  I still can’t believe I get paid to have this much fun, but it’s not all unicorns and bacon – there’s some gotchas too.  I’ll share some of the complexities involved with combinations of failover clustering and availability groups, solutions with all local solid state storage, and how to avoid painful surprises at go-live time.”

SQL Server First Responder Kit (Spotlight) – Kendra Little

This database is out of control. Kind of like you’ll be at Karaoke night.

Kendra says: “Know that horrible feeling you get when your critical SQL Servers are having a heart attack? In this session I’ll outfit you with a kit to abolish that not-so-fresh feeling. The SQL Server First Responder Kit sets you up to diagnose the toughest problems with confidence. I’ll share the proven methods that I train my clients to use when triaging in a crisis. Demos will cover SQL 2005, 2008, and will include new tools for SQL 2012 that will revolutionize the way we troubleshoot performance problems in SQL Server.”

Index Psychiatry: Diagnose and Treat the Top Five Disorders – Kendra Little

Kendra says: “Do you have the right indexes in place to make queries run faster without dragging down write performance? I find major disorders in indexes everywhere I turn– and I’m not just talking about fragmentation. At the PASS Summit I’ll introduce you to the top five index problems I find in the wild, from multiple personalities to narcissism. I’ll give you the scripts to demonstrate when your indexes are just plain crazy, and the steps to help you fix up the patient without calling Sigmund Freud.”

The What, Why, and How of Filegroups – Jes Schultz-Borland

Jes says: “Filegroups aren’t the new hotness, but they’re a reliable and flexible method for organizing data in your database. They’re often misunderstood. Come to my session at PASS Summit to learn about creating, managing, and maintaining Filegroups. I’ll discuss best practices for them. I’ll even wow you with a walk-through of a piecemeal restore!”

Wanna join us?  Register before June 30th and it’s just $1,395.  If you want help pitching it to your manager, read Brent’s post on How to Get Budget Approval for Conferences.

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