We’re moving to Miami!


I’ve been waiting to blog about this for a little while, but had to hold off while we got a few things handled. Now it’s official – we’re moving to Miami! Erika’s going to quit work and go to school full time for the next couple of years. Why Miami? The school had specific advantages, but more on that down the road.

That means we’re selling the house. I put it up for sale by owner, but with a realtor’s help to get it on MLS. Last time I used a realtor for a house sale, I was very disappointed with the lack of effort put in by the realtor even though she said she was an active seller. Whatever. This time around, I still paid buyer’s agent commission (because they definitely do some hard work), but I did the selling myself through MLS. The house sold very quickly because we priced it very competitively with the other houses in the ‘hood – we didn’t want to stick around for half a year to make an extra $5-$10k, and thereby miss the fall semester.

Now that we’ve got a contract on it, people are coming out of the woodwork saying, “Man, I told this friend of mine to buy it, but he didn’t move fast enough!” Hahaha.

We’re really, really going to miss this neighborhood. We’re both completely aware that if we get the chance to come back here in 2 years after her school is finished, we probably won’t be able to buy into this neighborhood, something I find hilarious. We didn’t want to keep the house and rent it out, though, because that’s a pain in the rear from another state. It’s hard enough to own rental property in the same city, let alone a different state.

This also means I have to relinquish my position on the HOA Board of Directors. I genuinely loved doing that. I’m not cut out for politics – too many skeletons in my closet – but at this level, politics is enjoyable. It’s great fun to be able to make a positive difference in the neighborhood and help build a community. The next time we buy a house in an HOA, I’ll be active again, but for now, it’s back to apartment life while Erika goes to class.

We’re going to sell Erika’s Jetta and keep my Jeep because we only want one new car payment for a while. I’ll miss the Jetta because it’s tons of fun to drive, but the Jeep is my dream vehicle, I think. There’s nothing under $100,000 that I’d rather drive. Up over the $100k mark, it’s the Ferrari Superamerica. Even if the top didn’t flip like a pop-top beer, it’d still be gorgeous.

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