Tropical Storm Katrina update

Getting warmer
Brent Cantori here for the Panic Channel. The 11am advisory has come out, and the Panic Center is forecasting a large “H” in our immediate vicinity. Don’t be fooled by the bright sunshine outside, the cloudless sky, or the fact that when I walk Ernie in a few minutes, I’ll be wearing flipflops, shorts, a t-shirt and a hat. This is a serious storm, people. Serious! No foolin’ around here. In fact, you’d be wise to stock up on Cuban coffee, empanadas, and suntan lotion.

Okay, let’s face it, it’s hard to get panicked when it’s absolutely gorgeous outside. I can see why so many people say they can ride it out, because it’s just beautiful outside. Now they think it’ll be at our place around Friday morning, but we’d be on the south side of it so we’d be spared most of the ill effects.

I’m not looking forward to Erika getting home today. She’s been concerned about hurricanes ever since we decided on Miami. Now, whaddya know, today’s her first day of school, and there’s a storm comin’ our way. Grrrrreat timing.

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