How to make your web site popular


Good old fashioned turtle love.I gotta confess that I don’t really give a rip whether my site is popular or not. I rarely look at my web site statistics. Every now and then I pull it up just out of curiosity to see what people find interesting about my site. The statistics packages I use gives me a vague idea of why people are coming to my site. I haven’t looked at it in at least a few months, and this time around, I was in for a wild surprise.

The biggest draw to my web site at the moment is people searching for images via And what are they searching for? Lovin. This particular photo is referenced in my turtle pages, and I happened to name the file “lovin” because – well, because it was funny. Turns out people are looking for lovin, and this picture is one of the ones they pull up.

Goes to show you that internet search still has a little ways to go.

Unless, of course, people are really into this sort of thing. Which makes me feel a little dirty.

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