Hi, I’m Doug Lane, and I’m the instructor for the T-SQL Level Up course. A little bit about me. I began my career with SQL Server way back in the year 2000. I had just earned my MCSE with Windows NT 4. That tells you how long ago that was, and I was asked to do a little bit of database administration. Over the years I progressed through desktop application development, web app development, BI development, and finally in 2013 I joined Brent Ozar Unlimited as a consultant.

The reason I made this particular course is I still remember how it felt those first couple of years. Remember the year 2000, 2001, there wasn’t a lot of video on the internet, and I really enjoy watching videos in order to learn things. As a way of sending something out to the people that are like 2001 Doug, I wanted to make a video course on T-SQL with all the stuff that really would have helped me get ahead at the time. We’ll cover stuff like case expressions, computed columns, window functions, and reasons why you should be using set based operations as opposed to cursors. I’m hoping that, like 2001 Doug would have, you’ll get a lot of benefit out of this, and hopefully you’ll be kind of entertained in the process. Enjoy, and thanks for watching.

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