You’re already familiar with full, differential, and log backups – but what happens when someone says they accidentally deleted 15 records an hour ago? What happens when one log file backup disappears? What happens if you need to restore to an exact point in time? Learn some surprising answers before you get bitten by a real emergency.

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  • Really fantastic class! I was able to convince my boss to buy your senior course once I applied cost threshold for parallelism and max DOP from other course and sped up one of our biggest prod servers 8 out 10 categories compared to previous benchmarks.

    Stuff I didn’t know 40 minutes ago:

    the differentials acting like a bridge between broken trans log chain
    , how to use restore withheaderonly,stopat, stopbefore,
    fn_dump_dblog, and how to convert the lsn number so it matches the translog lsn format

    So awesome man!

  • Hey Brent,

    Thank you for the nice explanation!

    Can I get the scripts and links used on this training session?

    Rathish Kumar B.

  • Dominique Boucher
    April 16, 2020 12:26 pm

    When I will be old, I want to be just like Brent !


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