You have dozens of SQL Servers, and you don’t have the time to dig into each one of them to understand what’s going on. You need a fast way to explain to management, “Here’s what we’re up against, and here’s how much time I need to get us to a safe place.”

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  • Good class and good ideas for forecasting, to which you respond:

    – “Thanks, glad you are enjoying them”

  • hiram.thompson
    March 1, 2021 3:58 pm

    1.7 Building an Inventory and a Support Matrix (39m)
    There are documents listed, but not sure where you have them stored.
    Don’t see them in the Responder Kit, but sure would like to start showing this stuff to management.
    Date on spread sheet was 2015, does not matter, can update as I go along.
    So, are the documents referenced in this video still available?

  • Hi

    Can I get the excel sheets that in this video?


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