The Senior DBA Class

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You’re a SQL Server DBA who is ready to advance to the next level in your career but aren’t sure how to fully master your environment and drive the right architectural changes.

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Update 2020: I no longer sell this class. Some things get better with age, like fine wine, but not training courses. I no longer do production database administration – backups, cluster design, Availability Groups troubleshooting – and this class’s material has gradually gotten out of date. Existing customers with access to it are welcome to continue to view the recordings until their subscription expires, at which point it’ll be taken offline.

You’re a SQL Server DBA who is ready to advance to the next level in your career but aren’t sure how to fully master your environment and drive the right architectural changes. That’s about to change in ~16 hours of online learning and adventure with Brent Ozar.

15 reviews for The Senior DBA Class

  1. Sharon Lafferty

    It was awesome!? I learned a lot and brought back some tasks to work on and areas? to embark on, such as AG.

  2. Joshua McIntyre

    Now I have a lot of work I need to do…

  3. Keith Harvego

    It was excellent.? I am actually in the process of putting together a presentation for our next team meeting based on the day 1 concepts of Stress Free IT and documenting our processes and requirements better.? Also I can not stress enough the value of in-person training.? Our company is pushing for more online training, but the value you get from interacting with random peers, is something that cannot be replaced online.

  4. Graham Logan

    Epiphany inducing course work illustrating the depth of knowledge required to be a senior DBA.

  5. Matt Hanson

    Best training I’ve ever done. For years I’d been sent to conferences, and the way breakout sessions are scheduled, with some timeslots having overlapping sessions I’m interested in, and others having nothing I’m interested in, a lot of my time was always wasted. Not so here; it was 4.5 solid days of well-paced, on-point material. The size of the class made it easy to get questions answered that would be very awkward in a large conference setting.

  6. Rich Hansell

    It was fun and informative.? Totally worth it. Also- there is some stuff we do great and also some things we probably want to revisit.

  7. Michael Orechoff

    This is one of the better classes that I have taken. Brent has a ton of knowledge and the questions/answers for real life situations is a great benefit. Having other DBAs asks questions about their environments is also a great benefit.

  8. Slava Davidchuk

    very very impressed

  9. Phil Imbesi

    Excellent class.

  10. Sasan Fakharpour

    It was excellent.

  11. Doug Williams

    The class was very good and well organized. Provided a good view on what a Senior DBA should be focusing by covering the areas of storage, virtualization, hardware, licensing , high availability, disaster recovery, backups, maintenance and troubleshooting . Also, provided good scenarios of how complex availability groups can become when recovering or troubleshooting.? The group participation and interaction was great in regards to helping class members open up which provide a balance between lecture.

  12. Steve Moss

    It was great, the best class I’ve IT class that I have ever taken.

  13. Kevin Anderson

    KEEP DOING THIS! you have a great way of teaching complicated concepts to people and you make learning it fun. It is a joy to attend your classes.

  14. Carrie Jeffries

    It was great!? I loved seeing Brent show enthusiasm about sql server topics.

  15. Steve Bates

    Good.? Wish I knew more about hardware side before attending.

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