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Comprehensive training for database professionals who have to do it all: build SQL Servers, protect them, and make them go faster.

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You have to do everything – build SQL Servers, manage their uptime, and make them go fast.

The Recorded Class Season Pass gives you instant streaming access to:

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50 reviews for Recorded Class Season Pass

  1. Andre Batista

    Great course and is fundamental for any infrastructure DBA ! I Highly recommend it

  2. Andre Batista

    Full of good information and well presented by Kendra.

  3. Roy van Dalen

    great tips to think about regarding High Availability and when disaster hits. I would have liked to see more about installation and configuration Always On and availability groups.

  4. Heather

    good pace, broken up logically. appreciate the downloads for the query samples. As other mentioned, it would be helpful to have a summary pdf for a quick reference.

  5. Scott Page

    All of the videos that I’ve seen thus far, this included, have proved to be filled with incredibly useful information. As a developer and not a DBA I found many things in this particular course to be eye opening. I left off one star because while the information is 1st class, the delivery is fairly dry. It’s hard to listen to someone just give a lecture on in depth SQL.

  6. David

    I have gone through this course multiple times and have always picked up something new. Kendra’s teaching style perfectly matches the way I learn and retain new information and concepts. And Brent’s presentation is always entertaining while providing vital information and insight. While 18 months has allowed me to review the course several times, I will likely purchase it again just to have it as a reference and “go to” resource.

  7. Gregg Baumgart

    I find that I can’t possibly learn enough fast enough by reading. Courses like this one have been invaluable to me, and this course on HA/DR was no exception. I was so confident that I purchased the “Everything Bundle” with my own money–didn’t bother asking my employer because I knew it would be worth it to me, personally. I don’t have an environment to experiment with Availability Groups (yet) but now I have a much better idea where to start, as well as some indications that they may not be a good fit for our organization right now. That may be the most valuable bit of information that I take away from this course!

  8. Daniel Hutmacher

    Probably the most bang-for-the-buck I’ve ever spent on SQL Server training. HA/DR is scary for developers, and this was a very thorough and useful introduction to get comfortable with those concepts.

    I just wish I could keep it for longer than 18 months, as I’ll no doubt want to go back to my notes of something goes south in a year or two. But it made me take proper notes when watching, which is something. 🙂

  9. Tim Hollobon

    Comprehensive, sufficiently deep, good examples, and very well presented.

  10. Tim

    I took this course mainly to get more familiar with Availability Groups and Kendra’s example for troubleshooting was spot on in that you need to setup a duplicate copy of production and test out different failures and try to triage those before the real thing strikes. Make sure to download the free First Responder Kit for the checklists.

  11. ian massey

    As others have said – lots of great valuable information. But as with Patrick Nov 2015’s comment – I worked through each section taking notes – which in some cases was quite heavy and extensive, the reason for taking notes is the course tutorial has a finite timeline of availability so you can’t go back to reference something once it’s out of time. likewise some of the links referenced are no longer available. Totally understand why you don’t want to make the slides generally available – but if you’ve paid for the course surely you should be able to go back and review it – even just as a reference source (when you buy a book you don’t have a finite time to read it).

  12. Abhay

    Get course, splendid insight, especially the cardinality estimation and statistics.

  13. Mitch

    Fantastic course!
    Hours and hours of in-depth material on how indexes work, how statistics are related and how to make SQL Server give up the information on where to start tuning. From there, great material on checking your work and eventually proving you made a difference brings the subject back around. The last third of the material is focused on columnstore indexes and methodology, in case you thought this was a strictly OLTP learning adventure. Highly recommended. I will have to go through this material again to pick up things I missed.

  14. Matthew

    Jeremiah, great course lots of information, is there away to get the slides presented? Great to go back over videos

  15. Donald (verified owner)

    This was a great course. I love all of Kendra’s classes and presentations; she’s a great instructor! I appreciated each section a lot, but my favorite was how to write my resume so it told my DBA story. Then she also discussed about taking that story and keeping it as the basis for my interviewing as well. Very smart. The interview questions were great, and I also benefited greatly from her section of 20 questions to ask a potential employer. This is incredibly important, too! Thanks again, Kendra!

  16. Kathryn

    Excellent! I have learned a great deal of info about availability. My next step is to setup an AG. Lots and lots to practice.

  17. Peter

    Jeremiah clearly presents a list of common query execution trouble spots, tells how these trouble spots can be identified in the query execution plan, and also provides ways to fix each type of problem.
    Overall, a deep introduction to the science and art of helping SQL Server to run efficiently, so it performs.

  18. Steve Henke

    Jeremiah is excellent at explaining and demo’ing concepts. Expansive and deep lessons that I am energized to try to put to use immediately.


    Excellent course. Being able to manage the HA/DR effectively is key, and you’ve provided a great deal of hands-on experience in each of the different methods. Very practical, very sensible. Good stuff.

  20. Richard

    A very enjoyable and useful course. I definitely gained extra knowledge about statistics.

  21. Joseph

    This was an excellent primer and in some cases deep dive into everything indexes. Both Kendra and Jeremiah are wonderful presenters, and can really convey the subject very well. I’ve got a go-to source for help when I need to fix or implement advanced indexing strategies now as well! Tune Indexes from the plan cache (Lesson 18), will be revisited as it provided a great plan for gradual improvement within an environment.

  22. Poldi Rijke

    Very good!
    Made me realize that our DBAteam was not ready yet for AAG.

  23. Sam Bryant

    This was a great course on indexes. I learned a ton of information on indexes, and the quizzes helped reinforce the concepts learned along the way. I found the secret columns and how SQL Server uses and handles them to be very intriguing.

  24. Hans T¿fte

    This was a very good course, you really cover all there is about indexes I believe. I liked the quizzes, and that you make me come back by providing more course material. I would wish for even more tuning cases like the missing index challenges. Thank you.

  25. Bruce

    A very large topic area with a lot of interesting facets. I really appreciate the ‘Choosing the HA/DR Features’ segments as it helps define way of getting management to understand it as well and make business decisions logically rather than ‘expecting the moon for free’.


    I’m an operational DBA in a large enterprise. Most of the databases I support are for 3rd party products so there is very little call/opportunity for index performance tuning. Most of the vendors don’t want anyone even looking at their indexes and indexing strategy (or lack thereof!) But armed with the tools and techniques from this class, I am now better prepared for the inevitable “The database is slow” comments from users and “The SQL Server is not configured/provisioned properly” comments from the vendors. The biggest surprises I had from this training was similar to Patrick: Secret columns and no de-allocation of pages after deletes on heaps. Kendra’s presentation style and thorough understanding of the topic made this class enjoyable as well as extremely educational.

  27. Jennifer Cramsie

    I like the way the course stepped through information and tools bit by bit to help develop understanding. Now I have a good idea where to start and what steps to take to resolve indexing issues.

  28. Larry Bye (verified owner)

    Great course! learned a lot about Ha/ AG/DR and what it really will take to implement, just wish the Exec management team could watch a few of the video’s so they understand what it is going to take to implement from hardware, software and staffing.

  29. Valre AKAFOMO

    I share exactly the same point of view as Patrick stated: I find this course was excellent and well designed, the quizz are really helpful in self-acknowledgment, but I also missed the unavailability of the slides in course material.
    Anyway, a very good price/quality ratio !

  30. Patrick

    There was so much good information in this course. I thought the course was laid out logically and I enjoyed each lesson. I especially enjoyed the advanced aggregates, how statistics are formed (histogram, density, etc..), and implicit conversions. I think there are probably two things that would have made this course more useful to me: 1) being able to download the complete set of powerpoints, as I have taken a lot of notes and screenshots, and 2) having some interactivity, like a quiz, to test my knowledge of the concepts through the course (maybe 3 or 4?). Even though, I know there are video parts that are quizzes. Overall, I would suggest this course to anyone who is dealing with SQL Server at a developer or administration level. This is a wealth of knowledge, especially for he price!

  31. Kenneth Igiri

    I had a great learning experience. I learnt a lot more about Failover CLustering and Log Shipping which I did not know before. And Availability Groups were good too though I wanted to learn how to actually configure them,

    Great course.

  32. Patrick

    This was an excellent course! I felt that this addressed a lot of great topics and was taught very well. The quizzes were a great feature for helping to reinforce the knowledge gained. The only reason I am giving this 4 instead of 5 stars is because the powerpoint slides were not included as a download. I had to spend a lot of extra time taking notes and screenshots. A few topics really surprised me: Secret Columns and Heaps that do not de-allocate pages after deletes! I also really enjoyed learning the basics behind when to include a column vs. placing it in the key. Thanks!

  33. Donald Kolenda

    Good material, and the pace was very good. I got my money’s worth and more. Nothing beats real-world experience, but this gave me a place to start and have some confidence to begin working with WFCs, AGs, and other HADR technologies. Thanks very much!

  34. Gerry

    A lot of stuff discussed here can be found in books. The added value is in the pace of the training, while still remaining in depth. There is no replacement for experience and its easier to use someone elses. Despite having read meters of books and blogs I still found some new stuff here. Great value!

  35. Pam Voss

    This course was very helpful to me for recommending HA/DR options in our environment.

  36. Alex Roberts

    Really clear, thoroughly explained explanation of the technologies involved. Bought it mainly to learn about Always On Availability Groups but picked up a ton of other stuff too.
    Brilliant as always

  37. Sharath KK

    It was indeed an eye opener for me and have learned immense from this course! Kendra makes it very simple, articulation of topics is impeccable.Request you to add some more downloadable content from this course.
    Thank you Kendra for bundling your thoughts in one pacakage!!

  38. Kirk Donahoe

    I focus primarily on building data warehouses and ETL processes, but have frequently been called upon to resolve query performance issues. This course really gave me a deeper understanding of indexing and how to properly approach the tuning process.

  39. Steve Fatland

    I love it!

    I needed to get my head wrapped around OOAG options and lessons learned especially since consideration is being given here to implementing it only in production (oh no!) I was surprised at the human requirement needed to make it work well. The combination of 2008R2 and SQL 2012 came up briefly today in our weekly meeting; I remembered your customer’s comment and reacted.

    Keep up the good work. Love the humor. Make me smarter. I look forward to more.


  40. Taher Ezzy

    When I purchased this course, indexes and plan cache were new concepts to me as I am not a full time DBA. Though, with Kendra’s effective training style, not only did I learn about the performance issues we had but also got started with fine tuning our production environment.

  41. Kiran Kanth

    As usual this is one more outstanding gift from Brent’s Vault to any serious SQL DBA , I had very little practical experience with always on availability groups and now I’m going to convert the knowledge gained from this course in to a project to setup a robust HA for one of our crucial production systems. Thanks heaps for your support to SQL DBA community. Keep up the good work Brent and Team !


    This is a wonderful resource.

  43. Carl Roberts

    I’ve had little exposure to clustering and really wanted to understand where it fits into the various HA/DR options available … Kendra explains it superbly. The lesson on mirroring … specifically the part about how it can self repair damaged pages … made me start comparing SQL database mirrored pairs to the twin strands of the DNA helix … yah to computers emulating life. But seriously … this course really does explain things extremely well. Thanks team Brent 🙂

  44. Katy wilson

    This is an excellent course that explains Clustering, Mirroring, Always On Availability Groups, Transaction Back ups, Replication and more. It covers how to decide which option is appropriate to you, and goes through the benefits and draw backs of each.
    The videos are engaging and hold your interest and the course is structured in such a way that you can navigate to particular sections, and there are no awfully long sections.
    Very good resource even for those already working with the technologies mentioned and is explains what is included and what extra steps you need to take to handle that ‘Oops I updated without a where clause’ scenario that we all know so well.

  45. Justin Steele

    Informative and entertaining. It was very helpful for me to understand a lot of what was going on and all the different choices that go along with working with SQL server. I was nervous starting a job that was based on SQL Server coming from an Oracle and Sybase SQL Anywhere environment but this has made the transition a comfortable one for me.

  46. Jeff Comba (verified owner)

    This training provides real-world, practical information on mission-critical stuff. The content is clearly presented, and well-organized to progress you through it. I certainly intend to put this to use.

  47. Rudi Goldman

    This is a wonderful resource. Not only does it explain HA/DR top to bottom, it actually is geared towards effectively addressing management. This has changed how I will approach HA/DR from now on.

  48. Norberto Carnelli

    I had the pleasure to attend a training held by Brent during SQLBits and when a great deal was launched for online courses I didn’t hesitate to buy this one as it contains great material:
    it starts with useful info on RTO/RPOs and how to discuss with the business about them (not always that easy..), and then continues explaining the different HA/DR options available in SQL Server. I’ve been working with clustering for some time and I was aware of some of the other options, but now with this knowledge I am eager to improve the availability of some other SQL Server instances that I manage.

  49. Kirk Donahoe

    This is a very well-designed course presented in a clear, easy to understand manor while providing a deep level of knowledge.

  50. Jon Crain

    Great resource for any DBA or accidental DBA. Very thorough discussion of the different options as well as the tools to plan with any decision makers and even directions on how to setup test environments. This has been very helpful in reviewing our HADR plan.

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