Don’t omit the chocolate!

Your organization is not the first to waste tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars on SAN tuning without results. Nor is yours the first to suffer from the tension that arises between sysadmins and DBAs.

Brent's been a DBA, sysadmin, and SAN admin, and can get everyone on the same page.

Brent’s been a DBA, sysadmin, and SAN admin, and can get everyone on the same page.

We’ve seen this predicament plenty of times, and there is a painless prescription:

  • Measure all bottlenecks – The members of Brent Ozar Unlimited have expertise spanning storage, hardware, and databases. While many experts master just one of those, we made it a priority to master all three, which allows us to provide a complete, comprehensive analysis.
  • Unify efforts – We coordinate your team towards common goals and we use clear, accurate language that everyone understands.
  • Ongoing assessment – The key to successful SAN tuning is to implement the tools for ongoing assessment and analysis
  • Eat chocolate – Hopefully this step needs no explanation.

Free relief: our blog posts and videos.

Our pileup of SAN Storage Best Practices for SQL Server covers all kinds of vendors. Whether you’re using Dell, EMC, Equallogic, HP, IBM, NetApp, or Sam’s Spinning SATA Shack, we’ve probably worked with it, and we’ve got blog posts about making it faster and more reliable.

$299: 6-hour online SAN, VMware, and Hardware class.

When you’re the one who has to plan, buy, set up, and troubleshoot production SQL Servers, you need to know about hardware, SAN storage, SSDs, virtualization, and more. Microsoft Certified Master Brent Ozar will save you thousands of dollars on bad hardware decisions and wasted troubleshooting time. Read more about our Virtualization, SANs, and Hardware for SQL Server class.

$3,995: 5-day Senior DBA class.

For the last couple of years, you’ve been spending most of your time managing SQL Server. You’re responsible for the backups, building new servers (when you get the chance), and figuring out why they’re slow. You’ve just never really felt confident – we’re going to fix that. Read more about the agenda and sign up.

Consulting: our SQL Critical Care®

In just 1-3 days, we’ll work with you to identify the root causes of your database pain points. Whether it’s slow storage, inefficient indexes, or queries that need a good spanking, we’ll show you exactly what’s causing the problem – and train you how to fix it. Learn more about our SQL Critical Care®.