Got a slow or unreliable SQL Server?
We’ll help you make it faster and safer.

No matter what thwarts you, our prescription at Brent Ozar Unlimited consists of three main elements:

  •  Applying scalpel-sharp techniques to identify and isolate your problems
  • Teaching you how to solve your problems
  • Developing a strategic plan to prevent future problems and maintain SQL health

Contact us to get started, or read about some of the common problems we encounter:

Slow SQL Server

Gain the tools and skills to bring your SQL Server up to speed. Read more >>

SAN tuning

How does chocolate play a key role in SAN tuning? Read more >>

AlwaysOn Availability Groups

Stop the painful, unpredictable outages and slow performance. Read more >>

Peak usage problems

Focus your efforts towards solutions that improve peak usage performance. Read more >>


Avoid the confusion and tension that can arise from virtualization. Read more >>

Disaster recovery

Ensure that your database runs smoothly FOREVER.

Unwieldy databases

Gain control over your database and develop the skills to maintain it in the future. Read more >>

Cloud transitions

Find out if the cloud is right for you and how to avoid common obstacles. Read more >>

kCura Relativity

Fix the slow searches and lower your SQL Server licensing costs. Read more >>

All our solutions begin with our SQL Critical Care®. Read about our consulting or contact us to sign up.