Let’s make Relativity faster and more reliable together.

You use kCura Relativity to host your e-discovery data, and you’re relying on Microsoft SQL Server for fast query response times.

Your users complain that their saved searches take forever and that doc-to-doc navigation is slow. The IT teams say they don’t see any performance problems. You’re tired of throwing money at the problem, but you’d really like to win the Best in Service designation.

kcura_relativityDo what kCura does: call us.

We’re proud to be kCura’s chosen partner for SQL Server performance tuning. kCura sends us around to their most complex and challenging workloads to help get the most speed possible out of your databases.

You might even already know Brent from his sessions at Relativity Fest, or his blog posts about how to make Relativity go faster. If so, you know we’re the only consultants that can speak Relativity, SQL Server, storage, hardware, and virtualization. We can tell you if it’s a saved search problem, insufficient memory, or just simple indexing issues.

Brent Ozar

Brent Ozar

Some of our articles about Relativity include:

Brent’s Relativity Fest Presentations

Brent’s presented at kCura Relativity Fest for several years in a row. Here’s his most recent presentations:




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