No byte left behind

While cloud computing might benefit your organization, transferring to the cloud can cause systematic problems: disaster recovery, poor performance, licensing questions.

The Brent Ozar Unlimited team will help determine whether the cloud is right for you. If it is, we provide the expertise, structure, and guidance to assure that you harness the power of the cloud without developing stomach ulcers in the process.

Ulcer-avoidance begins with:

  • Disaster recovery & avoidance: What if an entire cloud or cloud region breaks? We’ve built solutions that are available within a single AWS region as well as globally resistant to disaster. All powered by science fiction!
  • Performance enhancement: Many of our clients are out of their comfort zone with cloud transitions, which can lead to awful performance. We provide a battery of tests to diagnose your system’s performance and teach you how to configure your system for peak performance.
  •  Licensing: We help you determine which features and functionality you need so you can choose which licensing model works for you: your own licenses or rented licenses from Amazon.
  •  Design: Your initial application will work in AWS, but are you taking advantage of the features that Amazon offers? We help you design new architectures to remove bottlenecks from your application.

Want more information about cloud transfers? Of course you do.

Get started with your transfer by contacting us for a SQL Critical Care®.