[Video] Office Hours at Sea: Leaving Juneau


I stopped piloting the ship long enough to answer your top-voted database questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento.

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 00:42 Dirty_Pages: You mentioned recently how much you swear, what is your favorite swear word(s) and why? Any favorite insults?
  • 02:38 SQLCircus.Clown: What is your go to/default SQL datatype for storing a run of the mill date and time data? DateTime2(3), DateTime2(7), or DateTimeOffset? DateTimeOffset make sense if the date/time will always be in UTC? Does the good old datetime datatype still have a place?
  • 03:27 Pixma: Hi Brent! I have a legacy database that now needs to cater for international/unicode data. It has hundreds of tables with char/varchar columns of which just some will need to handle unicode data. Do you have any experience or tips or gotchas for dealing with this kind of change?
  • 05:53 Ramon Wolfer: Hi Brent, how about a home tour? You mentioned in one session your home theater. I would really appreciate to see that or your garage / car collection. Thanks for sharing your knowledge in such an entertaining way 🙂
  • 07:09 I’ll be BacH: Hey Brent, If I want to work with Big Data, then which type of company should I work for?
  • 08:40 Persephone: What are the pros/cons of hosting multiple tenants in separate databases in Azure SQL DB? Is plan cache a concern in this scenario?
  • 09:33 Heimdall: For Entity Framework / SQL shops, should the DBA also know E.F. in order to troubleshoot / tune SQL queries?
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