[Video] Office Hours in Glacier Bay, Alaska


Thankfully, we didn’t hit any icebergs or glacier droppings, so I put my comfiest coat on to answer your top-voted questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento.

Here’s what we discussed:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 01:29 gb DBA: Hi Brent, I have over 200 threads with BROKER_RECEIVE_WAITFOR type when I execute sp_whoisactive and some of trx have high numbers on reads and CPU. Should I be concerned about these waits or they can be ignored?
  • 02:17 NotCloseEnoughToRetirementToStopLearning: Hi Brent…love your content thank you for all you do. You mention HackerNews is one of your sources for tech news. How do you curate the articles to what interests you?
  • 03:10 TheCuriousOne: Hi Brent! On a client system with strict access restrictions, which permissions do you absolutely need for effectively being able to do some performance tuning research?
  • 04:47 TJ: Hi Brent, what are your troubleshooting steps for when a query runs slow in one environment with higher specs and runs fast in another environment with lesser specs?
  • 05:57 Manoj: What is your opinion of hierarchyid data type in SQL Server? Do you see frequent performance issues with it?
  • 06:20 Efraim: What do you think about SQL 2022 Intel QAT backup support? Is this a game changer for multi-TB DB backups?
  • 07:08 Parminder: Do you see more SQL host machine failure rates in the cloud or on-prem? What are the top failures you see?
  • 08:18 Sigríður: Do you have a recommended way to find the top queries using TempDB the most?
  • 09:07 DBA_Mufasa: Salut Brent! What is your best advices for running Check DB on a larger database (~1TB) that is part of a 2 node AG with a non readable replica. Should i run the full check DB on both the primary and secondary around the same time or just run it on one and use WITH PHYSICAL_ONLY
  • 10:46 neil: Can a company have both a prod DBA and a dev DBA? Would they be on the same team or different teams? What if there was only one, who would hire the other one?
  • 12:35 Piotr: Who is the Brent Ozar for linked server query tuning?
  • 13:38 I’ll be BacH: Hey Brent, My company is thinking about enabling Row or Page level compression to save storage space. Is there a way to find out how many additional CPU cores are required to offset the compression workload? I’d like to compare cost of extra storage vs extra core licenses.
  • 15:38 Petey: Why would a linked server’s Data Access property change from true to false? This is happening occasionally (for no reason that I have been to find yet), and is causing a vendor-supplied job that relies on it to fail. What can I look for to catch the change in the act?
  • 18:11 TheyBlameMe: Hi Brent. Have you ever managed to combine your love of cars and SQL Server via your consulting work?
  • 18:56 ProochingMan: For documenting architecture and/or data lineage, we try to use Visio. But manually creating/managing that is very time consuming and prone to human error and not updating. Have you seen any good tools being used out there amongst all your customers?
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