[Video] Office Hours at Sea: Heading to Jamaica


I’m on a boat! I’m on a 10-day Panama Canal cruise, and I stopped (well, not the boat) off the coast of Florida to answer questions y’all posted at https://pollgab.com/room/brento.

  • 00:00 Start
  • 00:56 DBe: In several places I’ve worked, it’s been “policy” to automatically restart heavy-use SQL servers off-hours on a regular cadence. Usually monthly but in a couple cases weekly. Is the scheduled restarting of SQL servers a common, viable business practice?
  • 03:53 BBDD: Hey Brent, do you know why a heap with one nvarchar100 column and 1row can be with size 2 GB and all used.What might have happened to the poor table. I tried to reproduce it creating the same table with inserting, deleting truncating but the size when it was back to 1 row was 1mb
  • 04:52 Brandon: Changing order of joins made a BIG difference for me recently, I suppose b/c it helped SQL start in a better place on the search for a good plan before time ran out. This was on 2008. Have you run into this much & do you think it’s less of an issue after 2008?
  • 06:04 Gigiwig: Hi Brent, a friend of mine has a server instance with a sql_… collation. One of the dbs is from a vendor and insists on a different collation. Can that cause problems concerning joining to system tables, using tempdb? How did you handle collation mismatches in the past? Thx
  • 07:43 Pamela Anderson: Has the problem introduced by PSPO implementation in SQL Server 2022 CTP – impossibility to tell which statement relates to which batch (or SP?), that you blogged about last year – been actually fixed in 2022 when it came out ? Or we have monitoring broken ?
  • 08:35 Runyan Millworthy: What are the top signs that a shop needs more SQL DBA’s?
  • 11:22 Kajimial: Hugs Brent, watched your video for optimizing checkdb? Isn’t with physical_only supposed to be faster? I ran it on 8TB db and completed for a little bit over a day and just checkdb completes for 6h? How can this be possible? DB with no load and running it with maxdop 0 with Ola
  • 13:27 Craig Gardner: I’m doing a penetration test on a server and have come across a SQL Server. Build number is 12.0.937.0 and version is 2014 (although I doubt this). I can’t find any information on that build number. Do Microsoft have a list of build numbers for Azure Managed Instances?
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