[Video] Office Hours: Morning in Mexico Edition


Got SQL Server questions? Post ’em at https://pollgab.com/room/brento and upvote the questions you’d like to see me discuss.

Here’s what we covered this morning:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 00:45 SQL Simian: Everybody loves free advice, but we want war stories. I have heard your 174 indexes story twice now during recorded classes. Got any more? What are the weirdest things you have seen implemented? OR: What are the most exotic places you have visited when you ‘parachute in’?
  • 02:49 CaveOfWonders: MS SQL Synonyms are a new concept to my friend and I (insert Brent’s “A Whole New World” line). We were wondering what your thoughts are on synonyms and if you had any pointers to keep in mind when writing or tuning queries that use them.
  • 04:27 Andrew: For some of our actual query plans in SSMS, the sum of the node costs add up to over 100% (116% in one case). Is this a bug in SQL Server or SSMS? Running SSMS 18.10, SQL Server 2014 SP2
  • 05:40 Rick: Brent, what is your experience with letting the SAN compress large (multi TB) SQL backups instead of doing the compression with SQL server?
  • 07:58 SwedeDBA: Hi! Our application has one database per customer. Currently, we run about 20-30 customers per instance, and three instances per physical server. Would running all this on one instance per server be more beneficial instead, to allow the server to balance resources better?
  • 08:58 Mahir: Brent, besides price, what criteria should we use when evaluating SQL monitoring software?
  • 09:39 Gabriele: If my friend had to monitor 500 remote clients postgres and 500 remote sql server what tool would you recommend?
  • 13:17 Calvin: Hi Brent, when should should you disable a non-clustered index vs drop it like it’s hot? Does disabling free up any space?
  • 14:55 Neil: My company runs 15 merges every minute to sync an online store with the ERP database. What’s the alternative? Can SSIS be used for this? What is SSIS? What is love?
  • 16:38 Drew: SQL is randomly throwing 824 corruption errors on tempDB on a brand new SAN. Vendor says there is no issue with the SAN, what are our next steps?
  • 18:21 Mihir: Hi Brent, We are running into an unusual tempdb contentions in multiple environments where despite having tempdb files equal to number of logical cores (28 in our case) we still get contentions on PFS and GAM page. What else can we do to resolve this?
  • 20:05 Jim: What should we configure MAXDOP to? Our 2019 physical server has 64 total cores including hyperthreaded cores.
  • 20:50 Count Chocula: Hi Brent, is there an easy way to clear the server’s index stats (used by sp_blitzindex) without rebooting the server? Don’t want to failover after making a bunch of index changes just to get updated index stats.
  • 22:14 Neil: Should we get a bigger, faster drive on Azure VM, or build a software raid in Windows with a bunch of smaller, slower ones ? Is there a way to trial azure hardware to test this? We tried the big drive with data, log, tempdb together and it was fast, havent tested raid
  • 23:21 Chris Thomas: Are there levels of Enterprise licensing for a VM Guest vs VM Host? We currently only license our VM, but have sufficient licenses to cover the host (we’re the only VM on the host). I’d like to try HT, but our Infra Manager says that we would need a different license to do this
  • 24:01 Margaret: Hi Brent — We have some Always on clusters with readonly secondaries SQL Server 2016. We run an index reorg daily and quite often that causes a lag in the secondary. Would changing the synchronization to async while the reorg runs, then changing it back help with this?
  • 26:00 Recap and plugging
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  • Terry Schmitt
    March 16, 2022 6:34 pm

    Suggest an ebike for your trips to town. Rad bikes has a great selection with great storage accessories for groceries. I don’t work for them, just been tracking them for awhile.

    • Unfortunately, no storage place here for bikes, and I’m on the second floor, so it’d be painful to drag ’em up and down, and no place in the condo to store ’em either.


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