Announcing Quest Database Training Days 2022

Wanna learn for free?

On April 13, I’m doing a session called My Cloud Database Costs are Too High.

You’ve moved to the cloud, and now management is asking questions about your monthly bills. They’ve asked you to cut costs. Now what? In this webcast, Brent Ozar will examine the top expense-causing configurations and workloads for Azure SQL DB and Microsoft SQL Server. You’ll learn how to tell when you’ve got too much hardware, and where you can safely cut costs without sacrificing end user performance experiences.

There are also sessions through April & May from Janis Griffin, Neil Buchwalter, and Pinal Dave, and we finish up with a panel Ask the Experts session. All of the sessions will be recorded, and if you register, you’ll have access to the recordings when they’re available.

Register now for free.

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  • Well, I am thinking you are just into ” preaching your gospel ” just for money ..

    With all due respect … tell me something I don’t already know or haven’t experienced yet .. which would be a gigantic challenge ..

    • Oh, wow! I hadn’t realized you knew everything already. I deeply apologize for wasting your time since you’re done learning.

      But, uh, dumb question – why are you still bothering to read blogs?

    • Brent gives a lot back to the community and a delivers a lot of free training. Have you checked out his YouTube channel or attended any of his free sessions??? Not sure I understand this comment. Thanks Brent for all you give, it is very much appreciated.

  • Ummm… Wow. Maybe you meant for that comment to be posted somewhere else, maybe? ?
    Edit: sorry, meant that for the first comment, couldn’t find a way to edit/delete

    • No, Joe definitely meant it to be posted here. He’s dropped in a few times before, like when he wrote that “how are you going to access data in another disparate SQL environment withOUT a linked server ?”

      I got a chuckle out of that. Someone who doesn’t know about applications or ETL products is telling me that he already knows everything. Smart cookie. 😉


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