[Video] Office Hours: Ask Me Anything About SQL Server


Ask me questions at https://pollgab.com/room/brento and upvote the ones you’d like to see covered. I can pretty well guarantee that your favorite question this time is going to be the last one I answered.

Here’s what we discussed today:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 00:57 Sean W: New app with data model TBD; what is the thought process one should go thru and questions to be asked to determine if relational or nonrelational DB should be used? Thanks!!
  • 02:42 MyFriedAsk: Hi Brent, My friend server has 1 database and getting and several applications connecting to that database. For some reason they get sql timeouts in the applications on Tuesdays. How can we figure out what causing SQL timeouts?
  • 03:20 Goose: What is the danger zone rate for inserts per second in SQL Server? What’s the highest you have seen?
  • 04:54 i_use_lowercase_for_select: Hi Brent, my friend is looking at your alerting script and wants to implement it. However they also want their system (SSMS/PRTG) monitoring system to get notified using SNMP traps. Do you have any advise on this? PS looking forward to the upcoming live sessions!
  • 05:51 Sohil: Do physical reads vs logical reads ever matter for performance tuning?
  • 07:12 Robert S.: Hi Brent, do you have a Goldilocks methodology for determining the optimal number of inserts to perform in a transaction so that transaction log writes are optimized (i.e. not too few, not too many).
  • 08:23 RenegadeLarsen: What is best Brent…CPUs, Memory or Fast disks.
  • 09:00 Kendra Little: What is your favorite isolation level, and why is it NOLOCK?
  • 09:31 Sqlsucks: Hello Brent, In today’s world where things are changing so fast, what would you recommend to learn new to someone who has 5-6 years of experience with SQL server? I would assume cloud is the future, but please explain where should I focus? Thanks
  • 12:17 Greg Dodd: The leading column of an index is very selective (only around 5 rows for over 95% of the rows) but the stats in the histogram shows 100’s or 1000’s of rows expected. If I rebuild stats, it gets a lot better if I do a fullscan. Thoughts on how to make it better without fullscan?
  • 14:51 Leroy Jenkins: Hi Brent, what’s your opinion on some peep’s advise of “Do not install SSMS on the SQL Server / Do not remote desktop into the SQL Server” ?
  • 16:54 Megurine Luka: Hi Brent, I can run the same query in SSMS 18.x and Sentry One Plan explorer. Sentry one will show residual io bang – warnings that I don’t see in SSMS. Have you experienced this as well?
  • 18:32 ProductionDBA: Hi Brent, I’m very exited for the new SQL2022. I wanted to test it but I’m still new to the SQL world. I was wondering have you ever participated in an early adoption program of any of the old versions and what is expected to do and to test, what feedback you need to provide.
  • 20:59 VISHAKHAPATNAM: Hi Brent, what options should be used to create a new index in the fastest time possible? Use SORT_IN_TEMPDB?
  • 21:58 marcus-the-german: Hi Brent, could you tell us anything about the persisted log buffer or Non-Volatile Memory SQL Server Tail Of Log Caching on NVDIMM? Is it worth thinking about?
  • 24:30 LifelessDBA: Hi Brent, what would be the reason(s) behind creation of statistics on a column in read-only secondary database, while primary database already has a statistics on that very same column?
  • 25:50 Sean C: My (dumb) friend inherited an Azure instance with auto-create idx enabled/drop disabled. The sys created idx have non-standard names and the idx keys,etc are different in each DB. He’s can’t think of a way to implement DEATH. Any thoughts on how to manage/script this out? Thanks!
  • 28:50 Maurice Moss: Do you see same or different reoccurring issues in Azure SQL that you see in self managed / installed SQL Server?
  • 31:38 del-a-nooch: Hi Brent. Long time listener, first time caller. My backup admins are asking if they can exclude DB data files from the daily server backups. I’m taking regular SQL backups (to two different data centres), can you foresee any problems with this approach? Thanks, del-a-nooch.
  • 33:40 Kendra Little: Which breed of dog is SQL Server?
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