[Video] Office Hours at Sunrise (No Really)


I’ve got a really sensitive lens (Sigma 16mm f/1.4) on my camera, so often when I record these at sunrise, it’s already too bright for you to see the sun. This time, I went down to the beach a little earlier, and through the video, you can see the light really pick up.

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 00:31 Radek: Hi Brent, do you know a person who, is doing exactly what you do, but for production DBAs, not performance tuning folks? I cannot find up-to-date sessions/courses dedicated to DBAs that cover that part of the job
  • 02:14 Arnold: What are the top causes of data corruption in SQL Server?
  • 03:28 marcus the german: Hi Brent, a friend of mine 😉 wants to know if it’s possible to tell which page is on which datafile (db with multiple datafiles)?
  • 04:38 Hamid: What are the pros / cons of putting responder kit / sp_whoisactive in master database as opposed to some kind of dedicated DBA database?
  • 06:04 Hilal: What are the risks of killing the SPID associated with a long running transaction? Is terminating the offending app any better?
  • 07:42 Meiko: Hi Brent, I think sp_blitzFirst is reporting “Forwarded Fetches/Sec High” for temp tables created by sprocs / jobs on our system. How do we find the offending jobs / sp’s amongst our many jobs / sp’s?
  • 09:16 Mark: Hi Brent, what are the pros / cons of running two SQL instances on the same bare metal hardware?
  • 10:09 Preben: Hi Brent, have you ever used delayed durability to significantly reduce writelog waits? Are there any undocumented issues with it?
  • 11:29 I don’t wanna DBA Today: I want to setup a read-only SQL Server to run reports off of since we are currently crushing our production server. We have 2016 Standard and were looking at the best option, be it Basic Always On versus Replication. Only a subset of the production DBs will be used. Thanks!
  • 12:17 Wrap-up, fishing in Cabo

If you’d like to ask your own question, post it at https://pollgab.com/room/brento/ and upvote the ones you’d like to see me cover at my next Office Hours.

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