[Video] Office Hours in Cabo: Ask Me Anything About SQL Server


Let’s get together at sunrise in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and talk through your highest-upvoted questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento.

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 00:33 AtHomeWithCOVID: Historical advice is to spread multiple datafiles/filgroups across disks. Now, storage is allocated from a balanced SAN as one drive, e.g “D” data, “L” Logs Are there any gains in having multiple datafiles/filegroups in this scenario? (Ignore tempfiles for obvious reasons)
  • 03:04 Dariusz Danielewski: Brent, in what kind of scenario would you recommend a table to have non-clustered primary key and a clustered non-unique index on a set of other columns? What would be the physical organization of such table and what type of queries would benefit from it? Thanks, D-Squared
  • 04:00 SQL mial: Hi Brent, according to you what are the best monitoring solutions that can be used at the same time for cloud VMs, azure sql, aws rdc and on premise.
  • 05:05 Wally: Hi Brent, planning on migrating from SQL2014 to SQL2019 but keeping 2014 compat level after the move. Do we still need to run Microsoft Data Migration assistant on the 2014 server to spot any potential migration issues?
  • 07:23 Doug: Hello Brent, sp_blitzbackups shows that it would take around 24 hours to restore our large multi-terabyte db full backup. Do you have any tips for reducing the restore time (i.e. switch to third party backup software, etc)?
  • 09:44 Koritt: Hi Brent, what are your best practices for SQL Data Compression? Industry advice once was that fewer data pages saved I/Os and meant more pages cached in RAM; are those benefits still compelling in these days of SSDs and 100’s GB of RAM, or are the D/U/I impacts too great?
  • 12:21 MojitoDBA: App with implicit transactions causes huge VersionStore and tempdb 2TB and still growing due to sleeping transactions. And Oracle is not an option cos we’re still waiting to be self-managed and to come with a wine tap for that price. Is it good idea job to kill such sleep tran over 1h
  • 14:30 Mehdi: In the stack overflow database, how many indexes are there in the user’s table?
  • 15:55 George Bluth: Hello Brent, will you share your pros/cons of being a DBA vs being a developer?
  • 18:13 Wrap-up
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  • Rick Obsitnik
    January 6, 2022 1:48 pm

    How about a Cabo oriented question? What tequila goes best with SQL Server? ??

  • Default Blame Acceptor….so many times I have to send emails out that include the sentence “Since the vendor has absolutely zero technical documentation on this process, I can’t really troubleshoot it (effectively or efficiently).” Last time that happened it took weeks to get a solution as their support guys had to do multiple back and forths between us and their developers to try to find out what exactly wasn’t working right (or as I say “broken as designed”).


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