[Video] Office Hours: SQL Server Q&A in Cabo at Sunrise


Let’s watch the sun rise at Land’s End and cover your top-voted questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento/.

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 01:04 Jr Wannabe DBA: Hi Brent, a colleague wants to upgrade from Standard to Enterprise purely for performance gains on several regular servers (up to 8 CPU, 128GB of RAM, SQL 2016 or 2019). Is the change worth paying for? I cannot find any benchmarks to support or contradict such a change.
  • 04:12 OhMyKingdomForANetworkEngineer: Hi Brent! You mentioned using DNS CNAMEs to redirect during log shipping failovers. My friend wants redirect end users to new production after upgrade by changing CNAME, but knows nothing re: DNS, CNAMEs, or active directory. My LMGTFY didn’t help. Is this some kind of AD magic?
  • 06:38 Loud Howard: Hi Brent, what are your top MS hyped features of SQL Server that never caught on?
  • 08:54 SQL Steward: Hey Brent, a friend of mine is trying to explain to his boss why using a function to create a temp table which you then use to re-create your main OLAP fact table every 5 minutes is a crazy bad idea. How would you explain this in plain English? Really appreciate all you do.
  • 10:30 Francesco Mantovani: Hi dad, does liked server handle parallelism on the remote server? Is the OPTION (MAXDOP x) worth using in a linked server query? ….you rock, make those turtles go faster!!
  • 12:36 DBAGreg14: Is there any reason to stagger start times for DBCC CheckDB’s on AG replicas? We just added a 3rd node, and have each replica’s CheckDB running on the same schedule. Is there any impact on log replays between nodes when DBCC runs? Would the internal snapshot affect this?
  • 13:48 David: Hi Brent, Is it ok to defrag the Data files/disk? VM hosted on vmware platform.Datbases size 2-4TB.
  • 14:16 GreatWorkBrent: Were you aware that your videos don’t play in ‘restricted mode’? (my work enforces this mode) It may be due to your graphically violent slaying of common SQL problems, or your profane & incendiary comments about stupid people doing stupid things. Or you have a drinking problem.
  • 15:30 Kumaran: Hi Brent, we have app with many dyn SQL SPs. MS suggests to parameterize the execsql and app team prefers to not rewrite SP. But my friend says dynamic SQL should be avoided for better perform and for query stats (agree on stats), is he only right about dyn sql at app layer.
  • 17:15 Sunrise
  • 17:30 Kumaran: Could you suggest any solutions for sql server patching which is SQL Server feature aware?
  • 18:52 SQL100: When trying to design a Data Warehouse, there will be data coming from different sources- do you recommend to convert the data e.g. into a .csv file so that it can then be imported easily (after all the required filters have been done) or directly from the database? Thank you
  • 20:18 Brave Sir Robin: Hi Brent, Should we do any SQL maintenance tasks non traditionally if we have crazy fast TempDB (local SSD) and crazy fast SAN (NVME SSD)?
  • 21:25 Gob Bluth: Hello Brent, how do you measure write latency to an always on synchronous secondary replica?
  • 22:24 A DBA DBAing: Sometimes I see multiple values for the same parameter in the ‘cached parameters’ section of sp_blitzcache, what is the reason for that?
  • 23:23 Raphra: How do you select the picturesque places, where you stay and stream your office hours from?
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  • Frank Matthiesen
    December 16, 2021 10:15 pm

    “Sometimes I see multiple values for the same parameter in the ‘cached parameters’ section of”…
    This not an anwser…you talking around.

    • No, I gave the answer. If you run the query multiple times with different connection options, like ANSI nulls on and off, and it has different parameters each time, then you’ll have multiple plans cached. We list the parameters for all of them.

  • Frank Matthiesen
    December 16, 2021 10:18 pm

    Sometimes I see multiple values for the same parameter in the ‘cached parameters’ section of

    You do not deliver an answer!
    Multiple Plans for a sproc is weird!

    • No Frank, I did deliver an answer, and I typed it above as well.

      I’ve come to the inevitable conclusion that you don’t listen OR read.

      Take a time out and walk away from the keyboard for a while. You need a mental health break. Hope things get better soon.


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