[Video] Office Hours: First Post From Cabo


Join me on my balcony in Cabo as I review your top-rated questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento.

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 00:48 md: Hi Brent, as SQL Server works with 8K pages why is the recommended NTFS Unit Allocation Size for SQL volumes 64K? Wouldn’t 8K be a more efficient fit? Sneaking in a second question – I’m guessing with modern storage systems this setting doesn’t have a big impact on performance?
  • 01:47 Ratbert: Hi Brent, is there a good way to be notified when a new table is created on production? Would like to know when a new table is created by anyone on production.
  • 03:08 Dogbert: Hi Brent, do you foresee much commercial opportunity for someone creating online Postgres training classes similar to what you do with SQL Server training?
  • 04:20 Skunkbert: Hi Brent, when will you stream your “awful” playing skills in Dead By Daylight?
  • 05:16 icklemouse: Hi Brent. Pretty new to Azure as Evil Corp is now moving everything up from on prem. Would appreciate a knowledge check. I can find no SQL Db solution that allows a cross region auto-failover to take place. Everything I see involves a manual step. Did I miss something? Cheers
  • 08:00 San: Hi Brent, My DBA has set the autogrowth to 1MB and 10%, and this now have hundreds of fragments created. what is the best approach to reduce these fragments, do you advice defragmentation using contig.exe or shrink databases? I am lost here.
  • 10:06 Jim Ignatowski: Hi Brent, trying to investigate a stored proc that uses cursors. Unfortunately, execution of this sproc (with actual plans enabled) crashes SQL management studio. Too many plans generated I guess. Is there a better tool to capture the query plans for sprocs that use cursors?
  • 11:52 i_use_lowercase_for_select: Hi Brent, hope you have a decent Wi-Fi coverage there in Mexico. My customer is using mixed mode authentication for some of its apps. When googling for best practices on that I get inconsistent results. What is your stand on mixed mode vs windows-only authentication and why?
  • 13:43 DefaultDBA: Hey Brent, Really enjoying your office hours and recorded season pass training. My question is about INT vs GUID for key fields. We have systems that use both, but wondering if there are reasons to use one over the other.
  • 14:49 Wrap-up
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