[Video] Office Hours: Ask Me Anything About SQL Server, Mink Edition


In this episode, I’ve got my own question: what’s this animal running around at my feet? Commenters on the YouTube video explained that it’s a mink. They were imported into Iceland in the 1930s for their fur, and they escaped out into the wild. The country’s been trying to reduce their population, and they’ve even been part of the COVID19 news.

Anyhoo, back to databases. The way these videos work is that you post your questions here, upvote the ones you’d like to see me talk through, and I do your bidding:

Questions we discussed in this episode:

  • 00:00 How can I fix a slow query with 30 left outer joins?
  • 03:20 How do I track down unparameterized queries?
  • 04:10 Can I force parameterization without using Optimize for Ad-Hoc?
  • 04:54 How can I measure latency of sync Always On Availability Groups?
  • 07:17 Should my monitoring software point at my AG listener or the replicas?
  • 08:50 What index reorganize/rebuild thresholds do you recommend?
  • 11:36 Why does Query Store show 5-6 plans for the same query?
  • 13:10 My SQL Server goes down on its own. How can I find out why?
  • 14:58 (I’m visited by a cruise ship and an unidentified animal)
  • 16:37 My databases are 1-3TB. What should I warn managers about?
  • 18:15 When I’m doing the DEATH Method, how should I treat unique indexes?
  • 19:46 How do I save sp_BlitzCache’s results to a table?
  • 20:22 sp_Blitz warns me that I have a high number of plans created recently.
  • 21:55 Is there a simple way to do inserts faster?
  • 23:27 Why should we stay on-premises instead of move to the cloud?
  • 25:30 If queries always use ORDER BY, can changing indexes change the query results?
  • 26:39 (Moving the camera to show the animal)
  • 27:40 Should we interview candidates by making them write queries in Notepad?
  • 31:12 Wrapping it up
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