[Video] Office Hours: Ask Me Anything About SQL Server at the EVE Online Monument


I sat down at the EVE Online Monument in Reykjavik to answer the highly-voted questions you posted here.

Questions covered in the video:

  • 00:00 The EVE Online Monument
  • 00:48 Why is SQL Server using so much memory?
  • 02:30 Will table compression make a 2GB database faster?
  • 03:28 Will you be doing Office Hours long term?
  • 04:39 Should I upgrade SQL Server?
  • 06:00 Should I store JSON in SQL Server for a new application?
  • 07:40 What’s the best way to speed up page loads?
  • 09:33 What’s your favorite ETL tool?
  • 11:20 What are your thoughts on Oracle, DB2, MySQL, and Postgres?
  • 12:12 How big of a server should I use for a 100GB database?
  • 14:30 Will In-Memory OLTP help me on a 1GB database?
  • 15:30 What’s a good alternative to NOLOCK?
  • 16:35 How do I explain the legacy CE and backwards compat to a non-DBA?
  • 17:20 Should I change my inherited CHAR columns to VARCHAR?
  • 18:43 Alberto, Office Hours probably isn’t a good fit – you need consulting or training.
  • 19:20 Should I run antivirus on my SQL Servers?
  • 20:59 Why should I move from SQL Server 2016 to 2017?
  • 22:16 Since a backup file is bigger during busier times, should I back up when the database is idle?
  • 23:19 Who are your references in your field?
  • 25:06 Where you start when analyzing someone else’s queries if you don’t know their tables?
  • 26:15 Is there a module to write T-SQL in PowerShell? Do you teach your Mastering classes with PowerShell?
  • 28:38 Wrap-up
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