[Video] Office Hours: Ask Me Anything About SQL Server

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You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers. Welcome to another edition of Office Hours, where you post your questions here, upvote the ones you’d like to see me talk through, and I do your bidding:

Questions we covered this week:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 01:30 Are DBAs transitioning to other roles, and why?
  • 04:48 Why is it hard for DBAs with 35 years of experience to get clients?
  • 06:40 How can I track down slowness in the app if it isn’t SQL Server?
  • 10:17 I’m a backend/frontend/mobile developer. Am I spreading myself too thin?
  • 12:00 Are users with multiple languages a problem for the plan cache?
  • 13:54 My query errors out in batch mode, but works in row mode. Why?
  • 14:48 What’s the oldest SSMS bug that causes you the most frustration?
  • 16:14 When would you recommend not to use SQL Server?
  • 18:29 What was your favorite thing in Iceland?
  • 21:00 Does lock escalation work the same way in Azure SQL DB?
  • 24:04 Why isn’t my query going parallel?
  • 26:43 We revisit fragmentation for the 1,043rd time
  • 28:12 Why is my database stuck in restoring state?
  • 30:05 What certifications will grow my career?
  • 33:49 Do you like SQL Server 2019’s automatic index tuning?
  • 34:51 My new coworkers love query hints. What should I do?
  • 36:50 What should DBAs document?
  • 37:24 What is your favorite data auditing method?
  • 41:00 When should the primary keys not be the clustered index?
  • 42:00 How much C#/Java does a DBA need?
  • 43:06 What’s the best way to delete 90% of my data?
  • 44:05 Can I turn an execution plan back into T-SQL?
  • 45:45 How should I do real time updates to keep two servers in sync?
  • 46:46 Are you going to teach Power BI?
  • 48:35 Will Azure SQL DB replace SQL Server?
  • 51:17 Is the SQL job market good, and what will it look like in 5 years?
  • 53:10 Is it safe to use Accelerated Database Recovery?
  • 56:09 Am I crazy to drop foreign keys to make my database faster?
  • 57:43 Can I automate scripting out a database schema without tools?
  • 58:52 Recap
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  • danielle.paquette-harvey
    August 24, 2021 6:46 pm

    OMG I laughed out loud so much everyone was looking at me!! I need some foreign key tips to get small buts too 😉 Joking aside, I love your videos, and your office hours videos. Thank you so much for taking time to answer our questions! It’s always interesting and pertinent.


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