Upcoming Office Hours: Get Your Questions In Now

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Office Hours - ask me anything.From time to time, when my incredibly busy (cough)vacation(/cough) schedule permits, I do a live Office Hours stream where I take your questions and answer ’em live.

I’m going to do a couple of them this week, but I’m going to do them disconnected. I’ll be recording them on the road – Erika and I are touring Iceland’s countryside again for the next couple of weeks.

Get your questions in here, and while you’re in there, upvote other questions that you’d like to see me discuss on air. I’ll take the highest voted ones and talk through those, and then publish the video later this week on my YouTube channel.

I’ve disabled comments on this post just to make it clear that your questions go over here. Ask away!

Update 2021-07-27: I’ve answered the first round. If your question disappeared from the list, it’s because I answered it in an upcoming video. I’ve recorded the videos, and I’ll upload ’em when I can figure out how to get them off my camera. <sigh> Forgot to bring an SD card reader with me on this road trip, and I’m not near an electronics store at the moment.