Free Columnstore Training Class on Tuesday

Fundamentals of Columnstore IndexesYour report queries are too slow.

You’ve tried throwing some hardware at it: your production SQL Server has 12 CPU cores or more, 128GB RAM, and SQL Server 2016 or newer. It’s still not enough to handle your growing data. It’s already up over 250GB, and they’re not letting you purge old data.

Will columnstore indexes help?

Next Tuesday, you’ll learn:

  • How columnstore data is stored, and how that impacts your architecture choices
  • How to do a hands-on self-assessment of your workloads, data, and server to figure out whether columnstore indexes make sense for you
  • Why partitioning makes so much sense for columnstore indexes
  • How to do a proof-of-concept implementation with initial creation, querying, ongoing loads, and index maintenance

No registration required – just add this event to your calendar, then show up at on next Tuesday at 8AM UTC. This is a Europe-friendly time zone class – folks in other parts of the world will either need to get up at an oddball time, or else buy the recordings.

If you’d like to follow along with the demos during class – totally optional, not required – here’s how to set up a lab VM. This requires a specialized full-size 300GB copy of the Stack Overflow database. This is not the kind of class where you wanna follow along on a low-end laptop: this requires the Mastering-level setup because columnstore is all about big data.

See you in class!

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