Free Webcast on Wednesday: The New Robot DBAs in SQL Server 2017, 2019, and Azure

The robots are really just people wearing metallic masks.

You’ve been hearing about all these robots that are coming to take your job. They’re going to automate all the performance tuning and make your life way easier, right? Or harder, I guess…since you’ll be looking for a job.

Thing is, most of that is just plain ol’ marketing hype that Microsoft is using trying to sell your management on upgrading to newer versions or moving to the cloud.

In this Idera Geek Sync session, I will blow the marketing smoke away, show you these features in action, and show you which ones are ready for prime time. You’ll walk away better equipped to have conversations with management about why you should (or shouldn’t) upgrade, and how you can use these features not just to stay employed, but have a better career.

Register here.

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  • Jochen Konrad
    October 5, 2020 9:17 am

    will there be a schedule for MEZ Timezone as well?

    • If you click on the registration link, there’s a link you can click to show the event’s time in your local time zone. I’m not giving the session repeatedly though – just once. Thanks!

  • I’d register but there’s no reason why they need my phone number. Yep… my choice… so not registering.

    • Jeff – you constantly surprise me. I assumed that, as a man of your street smarts and savvy, you would have just given a throwaway number.

      But I underestimated your character: you absolutely, steadfastly refuse to type anything but the absolute truth under all circumstances, even when faced with something as seemingly harmless as a registration form for free training.

      You, sir, are an incredible rare star and constantly inspire the rest of us to do better.

  • I’m truly humbled by your reply, Brent. Thank you for your very kind observation. I’m even more in awe of you for recognizing the reasoning behind my comment.

    I had considered using the ol’ 555-1212 dodge (although I suspect they’d trap for such a thing) because I AM absolutely interested in anything you have to say, especially on such an interesting subject, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it because, as you say, it wouldn’t be the truth and I truly subscribe to the “Absolute Honesty” mantra in everything I do. As you say, it would be easy and relatively harmless to lie about my phone number but then I couldn’t say that I was or be known for “Absolute Honesty”, which has helped me a whole lot in my career. My honesty has also helped others, although they sometimes initially object to the “frankness”.

    Shifting gears a bit… is is possible to convince your excellent sponsors that a phone number shouldn’t be a mandatory requirement on such things?

    • Well, I have to confess that I’m not doing the webcasts out of the goodness of my heart. They pay me in the hopes that they’ll be able to use the contact info in order to sell software. 😉

  • Oh, I definitely get that. I just don’t get why they need a phone number for that type of thing.

    Anyway, thank you for what you do, Brent. You’re the best.


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