SQLBits Attendees: Here Are Your Prerequisites for Mastering Index Tuning.


Howdy folks. It’s time for SQLBits!

This year, I’m teaching a one-day Mastering Index Tuning workshop from 9AM-5PM London time, and you can join in online. Pricing is £300 for the one-day workshop, or £800 for a full conference pass. You can register here.

Once you’re registered, here’s what you need to do:

What’s that, you say? You can’t buy my Fundamentals class because you’re in the EU, and we have that whole pesky GDPR problem? Okay, here’s what we’ll do: I’ve opened that class up for free until SQLBits. Go watch now, no registration required.

See you in the workshop!

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  • Leonardo Cursi
    September 1, 2020 9:15 am

    Much luv BrentO! Thanks from Italy! I look forward to them all. But I don’t have a 16GB to dedicate to the virtual machine, I’ll wait 🙂

  • Great Brent, big thanks from Denmark,
    i was actually registrered to attend SQLBits and your one day class, but have chosen to transfer the registration to the hopefully live version of SQLBits 2021, as I was not sure that I could keep focus in one week of virtual meetings

    • Peter – OK, cool. Just FYI though, I wouldn’t bank on conferences being live in-person in 2021. Microsoft’s already canceled all in-person events for this fiscal year (going through mid-2021), and I know I’m personally not doing any conferences until I’m vaccinated, which looks like it could be quite a while.

      • sadly ,you’re probably right.
        The wording of the transfer document is for the same reason ” a transfer to the next SQLBits in-person event” 🙂
        This could very well not be untill 2022
        i chose the transfer instead of refund, for the same reason as i keep all my concert tickets: let the organizers have the money, it will hopefully help make them survive this blow to their business.

  • Hey Brent, so I’ve set up the 50GB Stack Overflow database as you’ve suggested. However, at the end of your fundamentals introduction (https://www.brentozar.com/training/fundamentals-of-index-tuning-instant-replay/) you mention that the 50GB StackOverflow database is good for the fundamentals class, but you jump to a much larger one for the mastering class. So am I ok with the 50GB database or do I need to grab a larger one?

    • Just the 50GB one is fine. I’ve written a brand new 1-day version of Mastering Index Tuning specifically for Bits for the smaller database. Great question though, and good on you for being detail-oriented!


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